2020 Music Recommendation ft. Clairo, Grace Vanderwaal, Wallows, LANY, and Ruel

Basically, some of us doesn’t anymore enjoy listening to huge artists’ music because they’re ‘overrated’
*coughs* don’t count me in πŸ˜‚ I listen to both huge artists and small artists. Y’all probably know me as a professional fan of Taylor Swift and that is something which will never ever change. Like ever

But of course, sometimes, you know, I do this searching process wherein I try to find artist I might also like. Youtube and Spotify are my two main tools.
And today, I gotta share ’em with you, if you still never heard of them. πŸ˜‰

Β° Β° Β°


I already heard of her name before. And I know her song ‘flaming hot cheetos’ because I got to watch a cover on YouTube. So I checked her songs on Spotify, and it lead me to her album called Immunity. When I listen to it, I didn’t appreciate it immediately and it didn’t catch me that much. But when I listen again, I realized that they’re good (just maybe something that not all people will appreciate because we have different taste. Right?).
There’s something so calming with her songs, and when I play them, I get this aesthetic vibe. I think, her music is best to play when you’re alone in a room, and it’s dark, and maybe, when you miss someone(?) – yes.

Grace Vanderwaal

I admire this girl so much because she’s still so young but is able to write her own songs, and her voice is so good.
If you don’t know, she won America’s Got Talent. And that’s when she started to be in the Music Industry.
I find her songs so meaningful and empowering. Recently, she just released her album called ‘Letters’
And my faves there are 1.) The city πŸ’” – something I can cry on. 2.) Waste my Time – a song which I think is cute.


So this has to be a trio band, and funny because the lead vocalist has to be Dylan Minnete – the guy who’s an actor. I think he’s who played the role in the series which I actually never watched, namely ’13 reasons why’.
I just thought of trying to check ’em out. They just put out an album and I like the songs : 1.) Are you Bored Yet? Which features Clairo as well. 2.) Remember When 3.) Scrawny, and 4.) Sidelines


Lany Was my Obsession. And I’m quite excited because soon they’ll release their third album. And it’s already listed in my to-dos to check that out right after the announcement that it’s out. Lols πŸ˜‚
Well, I so so love their songs. I think, spotify called it ‘dreamy Pop’.
I always get this nostalgic feeling whenever I play ’em, and I don’t know, it’s kinda achy so I’ll just wait for their upcoming new release. Malibu nights was great. πŸŒ™


omggg. Ruel. I’m not yet ready to talk about him. Ekkkkk. πŸ˜«πŸ’—πŸ’“ like wth? I love this guy so muchhh. Anyways, I’m over reacting. Whatever (?!)
I already know him before I checked his Music. I’m following him on Instagram even tho I never heard of his voice even for once. but I made a decision I would never regret, and that is too stop just liking his pictures online and start checking out his songs. And when I did, I knew that he just recently released his 2nd Album called ‘Free Time’. Girl, when I played it I just fell in love even more.
His voice is e’rything, and what I consider a major turn on(?) – he’s writing his own songs.
I love his whole album, so that means you defo should check him out for quality music. πŸ˜‰
Go, check him now. Like now.

Β° Β° Β°

Also, I never shared this before but i wanna drop down my faves from Harry Styles’ and Camila Cabello’s Album.
For H. S. I love e’rything except for Canyon Moon and Treat People with Kindness ? πŸ˜—
For C. C. I also like all except for Bad Kind of Butterflies, Feel it Twice, and My oh My ? 😺
And one more thing, Selena Gomez ‘s new album ‘Rare’ is out everywhere. Stream, don’t miss out, and remind yourself what a RARE you are.

Ever heard an artist/s I recommend? Who are your fave Musicians? What song are you vibin’ rn?

Comment all your thoughts below πŸ’­

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Thought it’s Easier

I was always a dreamer

Until you came in entering the castle I was building for myself.

And you were there, standing tall

So I chose not to leave anymore.

You replaced my longing for New York City.

You made me want to stand next to you,

And be blinded by the sparkles of your eyes, than with glitter City lights.

Because I thought it’s easier.

You made me desperate and keep running with you,

Even when I realized we were already nowhere.

And you were leading me to a labyrinth with nothingness.

I’ve always wanted to touch your face, or your hair;

Because I thought it’s easier.

My desire to touch London Streets dissipated.

But in the end, turned out that you weren’t everything.

And you can’t be the world, because I wasn’t your world.

I thought it’s easier,

But it could’ve been only easier if I never stopped dreaming.

If I never stopped dreaming of places, than staying with you.

It could’ve been easier,

I thought it’s easier because I was thinking you also love me too.

It could’ve been easier if you also wanted me the same way,

But it never was

Because you never did.

2019 Ended // 2020 and a Busier Life

Year 2019 has been a roller coaster for me, or maybe for you too. But whatever, it readily ended anyway. πŸ˜›

Β° Β° Β°

Hello gorgeous people. I missed my blog and the blogosphere. And you all. I finally had the chance to make an update post again, and I can’t be thankful enough. Anyway, what’s going on?! (comment your answer for that)

So as I was talking about, 2019 has ended already and it was a roller coaster because life threw a lot of things which made it both beautiful and twisted. At some point, there are countless things which turned out great, and at some point; there are some which didn’t.
I got to celebrate the holidays with my family. On Christmas, I attended church (something which I honestly do not do much) and blasted Christmas Tree farm by Taylor Swift on Repeat 🎢. Christmas gave me a huge realization, it’s so positive. On New Year’s eve, I slept and just celebrated when I woke up at January 1st (morning) lol πŸ˜‚

However, I had a struggle just after January 1st. It was both Mental and Emotional. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what was my reason/s. All I know, i was so worried and feeling messed up, and i was having this strange feeling towards the people around me. I also felt bad considering that it’s just the start of the new year but I already encountered negativity. I consulted my Instagram friends and they said, it can be anxiety- social anxiety, perhaps. But i don’t want to name it anxiety or any because I know having such isn’t easy. I’m trying to be positive as possible, and to cope up with it.
But you know, struggles are normal, and I don’t look to it as a reason to encourage failures. We shouldn’t force ourselves not to encounter such because it’s just impossible that we can prevent it from happening. What’s important is we overcome, and we do our best not to dwell on it.

This new year, I just Reorganized my bullet journal and set up new batch of goals for a healthier and more positive and productive lifestyle. I’m indeed excited being on track with my BuJo.
Also, I want y’all to know that my life rn is getting busier than it was before because I’m already working on things I really wanna work on, especially my novel, school, and soonest, for college. I’m graduating soon 🎊 (i can’t wait to leave my present school)
Maybe, I won’t be able to post regularly at all, unlike the way I was allowed before. Things are changing so much already, it’s something I was always expecting. You can assume that I miss everything about blogging when I’m not around blogosphere – because I will miss it. :’)

Β° Β° Β°

Music recommendation blog post soon. ➑

How was your 2019? How did you celebrate holidays? What are your main goals for 2020? You reorganized your journal yet? Excited for new decade?

Drop down your answers and we’ll chat, please πŸ’Œ

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Your Heart will also Heal from the Wounds I Never Gave

I find myself listening to your songs I once thought for me. I hear the pain in your voice, as if it’s trying to make me ran back to you.

Nostalgic, but sorry for leaving you. Sorry if I gave up and stopped. Sorry if I never stayed.

I know one day you’ll also find the right person for you, and your heart will mend as it should be.

I will never forget that among the chapters of my life, one chapter is us- me together with you, in my head. On that pages, I was lovely and alive because for even an ephemeral chance, you brought me to life. Something about you will always be there in me, I will always hear your voice, see your smile, or take a picture of your stylish hair. I will never forget your humor which always made me laugh. And even if I already uttered my goodbye, I still wish you a good life; you’re a part of me.

Your heart will also heal from the wounds I never gave. I loved you.

Friday Party + Holiday Break

Last Friday, I attended a Christmas party which was somehow fun. I wore the clothing I bought on the city, used the cat purse which I love, the Keds shoes, and made a phone makeover as I dressed it up with a new VSCO shock-proof case.

I’m just getting back online because week or (I’m not sure) weeks ago, there was a typhoon which occured in our place, and there was no electricity for days so I was really saving my phone’s charge. But let’s move on with that.
I’ll also be having so much free time because there’s an almost one month school break for holidays. I’m quite excited about that. But I decided that I’ll regulate my usage of phone for that period.
Inside that almost a month break, I’ll work on my novel rather than staying online. But I’ll also try to reach to y’all out sometimes (if i decide to).
But I’m pretty sure that I’ll be so missing and will be so offline. With that, I’m also certain that I’ll be taking the chance to catch up all the sleep I deprived from the past months. Sleeping and waking up at the right time will always be better than sleeping late and waking up late.

Anyways, gotta miss the blogosphere and all my close people online. :))

Pics from Yesterday :
* Looking small here πŸ™‰ *

Have you attended any Christmas party? How was it? What are your plans for the so-near holidays?

Drop your words. 🍩

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Launching Blaire Morris’s Blog

Before I start informing y’all about the Blog I’m launching, I want you all to first know who Blaire Morris is.

Blaire, also called Bly is not a real Human. She’s the main character (girl) in the novel I’m currently working on. She’s a blogger and a writer, a fangirl and a consistent girl in school. Honestly, I don’t wanna spoil so much about it until it’s out. I decided to make her website real for the story feels to be realistic as well.

Anyway, about her blog. I hope you follow it because I will be bringing content on there. Content which will also give you a sneak preview on the book. I am really really excited and I want you to be updated that I have couple of chapters now. I’m still improving the story line especially the parts of it which must be interesting. I really can’t wait to finish it though I’m just starting. I hope you’ll all stay with me. xo β™‘

Here’s the blog address πŸ”— :


au revoir

The vision in my head sees us together,

As if I am running back to the places we’ve been to.

I hear laughters, and whispers of spoken love letters.

Light is hitting our skin, but your face is blurry.

You’re blurry, blurry. Gone, gone,

Never stayed with me as you uttered your goodbye.