Something Strange Happening in Me

Something Strange Happening in Me

The other day, I was back online and I promised myself to post writing on my blog because I said before my hiatus, that will be the thing I’m going to do once I’m back but I first procrastinate everything and leave them for the following day.
But last night, when I was too tired after the party from school, I decided to read some chapters from the book I availed. I felt like my eyes isn’t working properly and I need to take sleep for at least half an hour and so I did. When I woke up, I heard Momma telling us to eat dinner so as she said, I prepared my food and so my cup of coffee. After I ate, I went to my bed like what I always do, and when I already set myself to start deciding what to post on my blog, I felt something in me that I couldn’t understand. There’s something that keeps my from telling myself that my words are too lame and stupid, I can feel it. I mean, I already have the writings on my note but I can’t just type and post any of them, there’s something in me that needs to be filled. I know I can’t write right now and even if I want to start another writer’s block, I also can’t. I don’t want this thing in me to affect any other things I do.

I first hang on Twitter and burst Everything out, I rant, said a lot of shits, and I was just really emotional. In spite of the truth, I could talk and interact to people especially my commentators from this page but I feel like I’m a bit fake when I was doing that. I was happy online but in reality, I’m not. Really not.

I’m anxious, I’m experiencing clouds of different emotions. The heartbreak, the feeling like I can’t trust anyone even my closest friends, and the fact that I can’t suddenly do the things I believe I’m good at. As of now, I decided to add more sleep, that means I need to sleep early Especially that this holiday break won’t be an actual break ’cause there’s this research paper plus book review I need to accomplish seriously.
I just need to rest and break for a while, I guess. Like what I always tell others when they are in the same state as mine. I’m just tired- physically and emotionally.

I already had Breakdown before and it’s a thing that might happen or might not happen.
But this time around, I won’t let it happen anymore. Sorry to tell and to fail y’all guys. I need time, I’m going to fix myself as soon as possible and this will not endure.

Availed my very First Book

Availed my very First Book

It turned out that our Reading and Writing subject teacher gave us paper work namely “Book Review” and despite of the fact that I’m not bookish, I was excited when I heard what she said. I was having no idea what will be the book I’m going to read so I posted something on Twitter about it. Mary (my sis) replied to it and asked me what type of story do I want and I said that it’s heartbreak, she suggested that “All the Bright Places” written by Jennifer Niven is pretty good that it made her crying. I asked where can I buy such book, then she said that I can check it at goodreads.


I checked Goodreads application searching the book and I knew that it’s a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 😍.
I clicked it but it don’t open so in partnership with Kindle application, I tried to open it once more but what showed is just the sample. Then I said to myself, okay I need to search for it on the bookstore and avail, reading online is hustle anyway.

For my purpose, which is to make my project, I went there together with my classmate and friend as well. When I enter the store, I saw top-selling books Displayed in front like To All the Boys I loved Before, P. S. I still love you, Fangirl, Fault in our stars, and many more. I know they are written by known Writers like Jenny Han and Lang Leav, I just forgot the others.
My Target is the book I’m telling y’all about, “All the Bright Places”, so when I wasn’t able to see the book, I asked my classmate to help me search for it, I let her take a look at the cover of it and she suggested that maybe the book is on the second floor and so we got ourselves in there, I saw The book entitled “The Beginning of Everything”, I know it’s good. She suddenly found what we are looking for and to my surprise, yep! She found it!The price is harsh. It is worth 465 pesos and $10.99 if in US dollars. At least, it contain a good story I’ll probably enjoy along reading.

I was standing on the counter when I realized that I want to avail more, buy those best-selling narratives. I am now in regret for not saving money but I’m sure I’ll start to save now, go over the city book store and be back for them.
After this school year, I’ll be a bookworm. Here’s my top list of amazing Titles together with their astonishing content :

• To all The boys I loved before ( I know that I can just watch it but I won’t, I still want it)

• P.s. I still love you

• The fault in our stars

• The beginning of everything

• Fangirl
• Holding up the universe

• Eleanor and Park

This is the start of something good and new.
Start new adventures by the pages and keep a lot of them. I’m starting to be bookish and love em all.

“ The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places. ”

-Ernest Hemingway

Now, I will be on a hiatus again for a while to finish reading what I got for my new LIBRARY. I need to focus on our chapter 1 of research and for the title defense as well this upcoming January anyway.

Sorry people, my writings are still off to be posted here in my blog. At this moment, they are still kept in my note but I promise that I’ll be posting more writings again once I’m back. Bye y’all!

Have you already read “All the Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven? What are your thoughts about it? Do you also know the books that are on my top list? Drop all your comments down below and let’s talk!

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Afternoon Captures | Photography + Camera Tricks

Afternoon Captures | Photography + Camera Tricks

I don’t know what’s happening to me but lately, I just decided to be back on Photography. I once did this on my first blog and I created a section on menu for it but now, if I’m about to take pictures I’ll then probably going to make a post for it rather than keeping them on a one corner.

I found myself awake on a one afternoon and to my surprise, I didn’t take that afternoon to sleep and rest. Usually, when I have free time I grab it for bed but I didn’t. I was there staring at the back of our house, I really do that when I’m bored and I don’t know why. Nature puts me in calm so maybe that’s my reason, I mean, it’s just relaxing and I find peace together with green.

I saw subjects so without any hesitation, I quickly grabbed my phone. Yes guys, the photos I’ll drop here are only taken by my phone because I don’t have professional camera for photography.
I had Daisy and Roses and ahhhh, I just can’t get enough of them. I took 3 shots for Daisy and One shot for this bunch of Roses which I think is perfect.

– When I capture flowers, I don’t really put them in the middle of the camera. It’s not important for me if they’re on the angle or on the side ’cause I keep on maintaining the focus on it. Sometimes, we don’t really need to put everything at the common place, sometimes we should try new things and see if it’s better.

I know, I shouldn’t miss capturing sky. I love the clouds, maybe I took this at 3:00 PM.

– For Capturing clouds or sky to be specific, better if we will add some touch of leaves or trees because it will add Beauty to the whole photo and it will contrast the light.

– Blurred is also gorgeous. Sometimes.

The Vines. Ha-ha. This is the grapes I planted from my Lola and don’t still bear fruit until now. I’m willing to wait.

– As we can see, the color is green all over and there could be a big chance that the subject won’t be seen but I put it on the center and I maximize the focus so it’s still good.

– I love this Grass!

In enhancing the colors of the pictures, I use VSCO application for additional edits. Most filters requires money but they also offer free simple but elegant effects so I’m still one of their users.

So peeps! I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to if you will tell me how you think about it. Please let me know if I should do this again. And I will do this again.

Fell in love with the shots? Which is your Top one? Learned something about photography? Drop your comment down below and let’s talk about that.

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Lettering Ideas | Handwriting Calligraphy

Lettering Ideas | Handwriting Calligraphy

Hello y’all amazing peeps!
How are you guys doin’?

Today I’ll be doing a tutorial post on how to design your own handwriting, I will give you some new lettering ideas that I use when I’m writing for my school works. So being a student, I think knowing how to put creativity on writing is a must and though not all hand calligraphy are the same, still we can use the same ways on how to make it look good.

So when we’re doing projects on schools, we always need front page and we are always able to use printed one but me, when I make front pages I usually don’t create it on Microsoft Word and then Print after. Printing is maybe way too effortless so I rely on my own hands and I just design it to have my own text style. What you will learn from me today is also applicable on bullet journaling, Diary, note lectures especially on Titles, and whatever it is that uses text.
What about giving it a start? Shall we?

I’m very much excited. Oops! Remember, it won’t matter if your handwriting is good, what’s important is that you can write.

I prepared three ideas and these are all sooo easy. Trust me.

1. Dotting

– This is way easier yet the cutest for me. This is what I usually use ’cause it don’t spend a lot of time and it’s neat to see.
At the tail of every letter, that is where you should put the dot. It helps to make the calligraphy become fancier and not only plainly simple.

Before :

After :

2. Fishtail Style

– so the design is like tail of a fish that’s why I called it that way.
After you write the word, draw a small triangle shaped figure on the letters, shade them, add a curved-a-bit line following that shaded triangle, and then you’re done!
In doing this, your way of writing letters must be a little spacious because it won’t look pretty if letters are very much compressed. Those spaces that you’re going to leave will be filled with fishtail designs.

Before :

After :

3. Duplicative / Shadows

-I mean, this is the easiest. After you write what you wish on your paper, you can quickly trace the word but let it overlap from the original one. It’s like cloning or rewriting the same thing on the same place and after, your lettering will look like it have shadows of it’s own.

Bonus Idea :

4. Hollow Shades

– This is bonus because this is the counterpart / complement of Duplicative / shadows. Just after you did that third idea, just after you put hollow spaces on any sides of each letters, you can quickly do the Hollow Shades. This idea suits letters like B, C, D, and O especially.
To start, easily choose any pen that you want, draw vertical lines on spaces and then you’re done!
Let’s have the word “Colors” for example, and this is how that would look like:

And if you guys want to make the same font as mine, I’ll let you learn. I don’t mind if some people would copy my handwriting ’cause honestly, I really do want to share it with y’all.

1. Hold your pen in such a way that you’re comfortable at.
2. Write smoothly and let it be a little cursive but not wholly.
3. Elongate the tail of letters such as f, p, y, or whatnot.
4. Add some style and write vertically.

And if you guys want to see my whole penmanship, then I’ll let you. Here:

That’s it! I hope you learned something from me again, people and if you want me to make more posts similar to this, just tell me and I will do. You guys are the boss!

Love ’em? Which one do you like best? Going to do the same thing now? Or you have your own ideas? Share your thoughts with me by dropping lovely comment down below!

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Student Life ft. Sudden Hiatus

Student Life ft. Sudden Hiatus

Finally it’s already Friday and this is the right time to post something new! And a while-goodbye…

Hey! What’s up y’all guys!
Hope you’re doing good

I decided to put this post in a Video link that I should’ve uploaded on Youtube but I fail to do so.
This post will be updated just as for you to know that I’ll shut my blog down for a while. Yes, you’re not wrong with what you heard, I’ll first take a break and go on a hiatus for a moment with reason.
You all know that I’m a student and next week of classes will be hell again I guess. I together with my groupmates shall start to prepare for our research paper in qualitative type so that means, I need to focus for our Title, sleep less again, study it, and then…
Ahhhhhh! Stresss is coming. It’s already up waiting for me!
I’m very much thankful that my groupmates are obviously responsible and I know I can trust them, I can’t still think of a good topic until this moment ’cause what we presented wasn’t approved and I’m working on it by now but I know that it must be something. I’m a bit nervous but I’m excited at the same time and this thing is must-try so I will work sooo hard for it.

To tell it, I don’t reallly want to blog in hustle and even though I can visit it for some minutes, I still won’t. When I check my blog out and go on the blogosphere, I do take my time to publish and then scroll lovely comments and reply. I don’t want my blogging experience to be lame okay? Ha-ha.

I did prepare my checklist to monitor my activities as part of my preparation process this past weekdays and here’s how it goes:

Huhhh! see they all have hearts but that doesn’t mean I accomplished ’em but at least I’m doing good by now. I think, I fail to sleep before 8:00 PM ’cause there were still assignments and paper works given to us. I fail being off on social media, I used Twitter ’cause I can’t resist and uploaded photo in IG at the same time ha-ha. This weekend will be my last two days of gathering sleep so I need to rest as early as I can at night.
I need to make another checklist for these upcoming days so I’ll put that here and then update you if how they goes once I’m back. Here :

So yes! Don’t yahh guys worry because I’ll still be up on Twitter and will do update you all AMAP, let me give some minutes to get in touch with y’all so if you’re not on my follower list, you can go check it out and tweet me @thony_tweeting. You can also connect with me and send me message, my DM section is always open.
Am honestly not sure if this hiatus I’ll be getting into will only take one week, maybe weeks let say but I’ll be back anyway, Right?

You’re a student? You also struggle with school right now? What’s your thought about doing a practical research? Drop your comments down and let’s talk once I’m back!

I think, the defense will be an experience of mixed-emotions but I’m excited for it though it won’t yet happen. We’ll see!


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10:00 PM Playlist | Song Composition

10:00 PM Playlist | Song Composition

Alone in this darkness
I can hear the heavy rain outside
Staring at your pictures again
And the memories starts
Flashing back in my mind

I hope someone would come
I hope someone would wipe this tears away
Wish it would be you
But everything’s gone
’cause you’re not mine

I’ll just walk away from you
I’ll just run away and let go
And at the night everybody’s asleep
I’ll listen to my 10:00 pm list of songs.
Bursts out and cry quietly alone.

My heart’s beating
Still for your name
Such a painful word to hear
And I know your heart also beats
But never for me, not at all

Nobody could ever see how I’m dying
Nobody can hear my screams
I’m not her
And tomorrow’s another sunshine
This moment will be eaten by my cries.

I’ll just walk away from you
I’ll just run away and let go
And at the night everybody’s asleep
I’ll listen to my 10:00 pm list of songs.
Bursts out and cry quietly alone.

Maybe by the lyrics
This emotion won’t be anymore sick
By the tone
I’ll learn to forget
I was afraid to fall

As I’m shuffling my lullabies
I shuffle my feelings away
Wishing the songs can repeat themselves
To heal my wounds fast
I’m still hurt. On the inside.

I’ll just walk away from you
I’ll just run away and let go
And at the night everybody’s asleep
I’ll listen to my 10:00 pm list of songs.
Bursts out and cry quietly alone.

Quietly Alone. Quitely Alone.