Empty Months

It’s always raining here again, I made myself a cup of coffee in the morning – like what I always do.
And sitting here, I stare blindly outside. I don’t know, perhaps I miss the Sun, or the feeling of waking up to that warm weather. But I hate Summer.

I slept around 11:00 last night. I’ve been trying to write something poetic, something to ease my thirst for solace.
And sitting here, my coffee tastes different.

Thinking about it all, the past months which passed without any thought of you, they were the moments I felt empty.
And Now, I wonder about the weather in your town. I’ve always been wondrous about the differences that we have.
I wonder if you’re awakened now.

But it’s just true. Even if I’d keep on chasing the strong feeling I once had for you, nothing good will begin.

And during the past months when I felt empty, those were also my best.

Blogging Mistakes You’re Probably Doing

Everything that we do is learned via Trial and error.

Today, the internet is already a crowded place filled with different kinds of website. Lifestyle, Beauty, art blogs, writing or article blogs, book blogs, entertainment, your blog, and more. Blogs may be big and successful, or small. And creating and making contents for blog can be a little confusing, and sometimes we don’t know that there are mistakes that we still do.

If you’re a content creator in the internet, specifically a Blogger, and is still confuse about this blogging thing, just keep reading this post. This is for you!

The common blogging mistakes you probably are doing:

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° Putting too Colorful Website Design

– if you read successful blogs, you can notice that they are minimalist in designing. That is because they want to focus more on content, rather than aesthetics.
Putting colorful web designs result to a less pleasing ambiance. It is because the design will outshine the content. Strong colors can get painful in the eyes, and the readers can become a little less interested with your posts.
However, it doesn’t mean that all you have to put on your blog is white color. You can still use add some touch of light colors to make it still alive.

° Using hard-to-read Fonts

-Same with design, your fonts should also be simple yet elegant. Excessively-designed fonts can get readers confused with what they read, it will only waste your content.
Even if you wrote a long, and supposed to be helpful post, if people can’t understand what you wrote, they’re gonna stop reading.
So use simple calligraphic fonts yet elegant.

° Not Using Stock Photos for Graphics/Featured Images

– I think, we all miss the point of using stock photos. So first, what is stock photos?
Stock photos are free-to-use photos from websites offering them to bloggers. When you use such, your posts are legal.
But if you won’t, and you’ll just settle to photos you get on social media or just basically anywhere, you do mistake. You, without an intent, disrespect the photographer who should be credited. Unless you put credits at the bottom section of your blog posts.
I’m not going to hide the truth though- in my old posts, I’ve never used stock photos. I just used the ones I got from Pinterest. Which was, I admit, wrong.
If you want to change your ways, you can quickly search websites on google giving free photos to everyone who needs it.

° Not Doing Content Analysis

– As a blogger, you wanna stay relevant and keep the traffic on your blog. But I think we miss the point of doing content analysis, Content analysis isn’t directly done on your blog posts, but rather to your audience. It answers the question : “do my readers love seeing posts like this from me?”. The answer can only be yes or no.
If yes, then post more type of that content. But if no, then stop because you’re not gonna gain anything good from continuing.
To do so, you can ask your readers directly, through posts, or through email.

° Not Posting Regularly

– The word regularly doesn’t mean everday.
The way to drive traffic on your blog is not by schedule, but by consistency.
Make sure that you Don’t idle your site for 2-3 weeks, or for month, or months, to the point that your audience doesn’t anymore know when to get something new from you. It’s important that you avoid long inactivity when you’re a blogger. Posting every week can help. By doing that, your readers will regularly be fed with fresh content.

° Not Interacting with Other Bloggers/Readers

– The best action mvp bloggers do is interacting with other bloggers, or readers. Ignoring commentators is a big mistake some successful bloggers are most likely to do, I notice that some of them leave comments lying without giving any replies, and I find that rude.

When you interact, people get more interested to always consume your content, because they know that they are reading the right content from a responsive person.

° Putting so Many Advertisement

– if you doesn’t know, you can actually make money from your blog (but only if you have a custom domain), monetizing is something I plan to do someday.
But with monetizing, comes the disadvantage that you get advertisements on your web. And visitors hate it.
I personally recommend, that you don’t put too many advertisements on your site, because as an internet reader, I don’t like it when there are too many google ad popping as I read.
Readers tend to lose interest to read on your blog when there are too many extras they see, so monetize moderately.

Specifically, the dos in blogging are:

1. Be a minimalist designer
2. Use simple yet attractive fonts
3. Use stock photos for your graphics/featured images
4. Analyze what type of content your readers engage the most on
5. Be consistent, and don’t put your blog on long hiatus
6. Interact with other blogs. Like posts, comment, share
7. Don’t everdo monetization

What are the blogging mistakes which you never knew you were doing? What website do you use for getting stock photos? Are you a minimalist blog designer?

Comment down and let’s fix some of our blogging mistakes 📝

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Worst 2019 Diary Entries || A Look back + A Surprise

October 9, 2019

I think, this day is a big “question mark”, because I feel so nothing. I felt and I still feel empty.

Today, I had failures again and I can only blame myself for this. I am, I just feel so empty.

Maybe, there are just times that we think we are doing everything, that we are capable of everything. But then, there are events which will make us realize that we really are not perfect. But I never felt perfect in the first place. I just thought I can make whatever thing it is all correctly.

I was wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

October 10, 2019

I am at least better now. And I am grateful because I am better now.

Today, I almost decided not to go to school because I thought it would make me feel better, but I still decided to be there. I came at 7:50 AM.

Nothing happened today, and all of the groups are done with the defense now.

I am better now, like how I said, but there’s still this weight inside me. I am thankful because Gia is there and we are both motivating each other. Its nice to have a friend.


Life goes on, and we grow.

Weather change, we adapt.

People come, people go.

Emotions always trasform overtime.

I just learned that, whatever happens, we should never let a single day decide for us.

Bliss is not forever, nor the misery.

The story today, won’t be the same as the story to happen tomorrow.

I never thought how things changed, and in just a single turn, everything went different.

2019 last year, I lived some chapters of misery and chaos, of disappointment, hate, and fear. I thought those days would scar me forever. They were gone, I swear. I felt like a big failure back then, and it was as if everything just undergone errors.

I thought, those days would not end. But they did. And I realised all the progress now. I’m so happy I made the best decision, and that is to keep on chasing it all.

Your entire life won’t be predicted by a single moment.

One more big thing I just woke myself into: I don’t have to be impressive.

Honestly, I lived life trying to be impressive. I thought I always have to say something amazing, to do something not so common.

But I’m different now. I think I wanna be an open person, I wanna be open with people, with opinions. I want to be open and accept my mistakes, insecurities, and start to not fear being corrected.

I wanna be open being educated, or to learn stuffs others can teach me.

I just thought, it will be good to always find way to happiness.

It good to be happy for someone. It’s good to celebrate other people’s success. It’s good to compliment, and make someone’s day extra special.

I love the fact that I realize these things I’m sharing now.

I’m learning. I am always learning.

And before I end this blog post, I wanna reveal this “surprise” I mentioned on the title : I finally graduated high school! Yes. I’m 18 now and yet a College Student! 😍 🎊

My Graduation awards & pictures:

“Those days, when I couldn’t fathom how they’d end; They all came to an ending.

For a moment I never noticed was ephemeral, I felt everything : the frustration, the fear, the disappointment.

I had to take it all – the struggles, adversity, and triumphs.

I learned gratitude better than how I recognised it before.”