Here’s How You Can Start to Live Your Best Life // Life Positivity & Personal Development

We’re in the point where people are easily getting insecure with others. The abundance of social media made us more and more conscious about ourselves. About the things we have, our body, our face, our followers and likers, about our life in general.

Nowadays, happiness is a vulnerable thing, and contentment is hard to find. Everyday, we strive and fight the feeling of jealousy. But not by being ourselves, but rather by copying the people we think are having their best life.

It is alarming that many of us seems to be afraid of showing off our flaws, afraid of not being able to follow trends, or buy an expensive outfit, or bag, or gadget, or not eat expensive foods.

Even if we want to try getting back living the life we were allowed to, everything seems to be overly manipulated by society already, and perhaps we have changed ourselves so much only to fit in.

This blog post won’t be about how you can cope up with society being somebody else. This blog post will help you how you can start living your best life, and keep your Happiness within:

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° Be grateful for what you have

° Spend more time with the people around you

° Cherish your friends

° Address your accomplishments and celebrate them.

° Spend lesser time with social media, or better yet, unfollow people who makes you feel like wanting to be something else.

° Do Things you love

° Love all your features

° Say positive mantras about yourself

° Influence others how they can live their best life being them too

° Be busy chasing your Dreams

° Admit Mistakes

° Help people, and be kind

° Be careful with your words

° Stop Being Too self-conscious

° Learn Everyday

° Improve but never Change

What’s your secret recipe to live your life at it’s best? What makes you happy and excited about life? What are you currently up to at the moment?

Tell me your thoughts on the comments, and let’s have some positivity exchange! 🌸

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Sitting on our roof,
Never looking down.
For the Stars are Beautiful,
As sparkling as your eyes.

I dance inside your car,
As you drive out of nowhere.
Singing through the songs we play,
Loud as reckless creatures.

And you would run with me,
Everytime we find a good spot.
The places are broken,
But we make it all alive.

Trees are tall,
And the leaves start to fall.
It’s autumn and I can smell your shirt;

I feel my careless soul.

i miss y’all

* basically, I Couldn’t think of any good title so I just ended up putting what I’m feeling 💋

Hello Lovely lovely people! Whoever you are reading this right now, Welcome to my blog!

I honestly feel the need to be hyper right now, because I’m low-key sorry for not being so active with my blog at all.
I mean, I’m posting, but do you know the feeling as if you’re not there?
Like you don’t feel the vibe or the energy?
Ha-ha. ’cause that’s what I’m feeling.
I missed y’all so much. I miss the blogging vibe so much.

To be honest, I was just scrolling around my blog earlier, reading old posts, and comments then I felt sad. Because things aren’t the same anymore, and I want *that* same-as-before thing to be back. :((
This is my second home, my personal and comfort place (it’s not the same at all). But I’ll always be there.

The thing that bothers me is the fact that I am not as active to your blogs at all. Life has just changed. And I have a lot of things to focus now. I’m happy and grateful for those who stay with me, and until now, loyally reads my blog whenever I post.

I am aware that some of you are nominating me for awards, I think I already said this once, but I’m really sorry because I can’t participate anymore. I can’t anymore take that spotlight you guys are offering me with.
But please know, that I’m really really thankful. And I’m so pleased whenever I’m presented with an honor. Y’all are the best!

If you can also notice, I changed my name from Thony to Mark Anthony. It’s just that, I don’t anymore feel any connection with the name ‘Thony’. I felt as if I created a new person online. That’s not me, I want to be known for my name.

However, it’s not like I already hate that. I just wanted to really use my complete name, so you can still call me anything you’d like.

So as of now, the number of corona virus case in my country is still rising but the school will still open (idk what form)

I’m not yet preparing, I’m still so lazy to move haha.
Anyway, I’m taking this time of the year to discover new things. And the thing that I’m loving right now is…. *drumrolls* – songwriting.
Yes! Songwriting! 😍 I’m so hyped up because of it! And it’s making me excited about life. Omg, looking forward for a career (joking, but not really).

Y’all know that I already published 2 song compositions before, here in my blog.
I’m planning to publish lyrics again, but I’m not so sure. So if you want me to, please tell me on the comments.
The decision depends on you guys.

Uhmm, can I just hire a producer already? Ha-ha.
At the moment, I have eight songs written. Not counting the first two I published here : Ended too soon & 10:00 PM playlists (they both don’t have melody yet).

I’m not counting days at all. Because I learned to finally not take them for granted. Everyday, I look forward for opportunity. And it’s the happiest thing I know.
I’m also busy making my Instagram feed ha-ha. You know my obsession with instagram, right?

So far, I think I made 2 new achievements. And that is : 1. wrote a guest post for simply creative website. 2. Made a story Take-over on an instagram page called #halfthestory (follow them).

If you want to read my guest post which is about self-care. You can, here:

Simply Creative Guest Post

And of course, everyday is not a cheerful day. I also get troubles, unexpected scenarios but I try to overcome. ALWAYS!

Right now, I just want to enjoy life. And be contented with what I have, but still kick and get the goals. God is always with us, in whatever we do.

So… I hope you just leave all your worries to Him.

I hope your comfort food makes you so so happy ✨ and you find beauty even in dark days.

Random message I wrote earlier :

How are y’all doing?! Comment down please. I missed having a really warm talk with y’all! :’)

Love lots *mwahh!*

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Love and Lose

I ended it on the night,
When I uttered a ‘goodbye‘.
Not because I don’t love you
But because I had to let you go.

For countless nights,
I seeked for your presence.
I’d always
end up
Realizing you’re away.

I’d not wake up hearing you breathe.
Coffee, late nights were consumed.
Imageries of me and You
In my head,
As I listen to the playlists we made.

But we weren’t made to last,
Bury you in the past.
I wander places,
Tried to seek
A brand new day.
Till I saw me without any trace of you.

How to be a Business-minded Person? || A Journey to Self-discovery, and Opportunities

Starting a business doesn’t only take the mind, it actually take the heart and motivation more.
Sometimes, you sit and wonder what it would actually be like if you’re earning money and sustain yourself all by your self.

Not everyone engage on the thought of discovering their capability in business, whether it can be an online business, or social media business, product creation, et cetera. So if you feel like you have the passion to do so, keep chasing. Yet, if it wasn’t on your thought before, but is now getting interested; this blog post is to teach you some ways through self-discovery and opportunities.

* pin it 📌 *

Learn through Trials and Error

– Everything that we do has it’s trial and error process. This process is where we learn, especially when we’re just starting out. Mistakes is where you can gain knowledge and further skills from.
Don’t aim or try to be perfectionist in your game, but rather look at the bigger picture.
Learn how to welcome trials, and pick success after.

Follow Business Minded people on social media

– You’re most likely to learn more from an experienced people, or from those who have the same interests as yours.
If you use social media, especially Twitter, follow business-minded people, inquire, and ask them for help, read their social media discussions. They’ll surely give a big contribution for you to reach what you wanna reach.

Keep on learning / read / watch

– Learning is a continuous process. It doesn’t stop after you took a particular time to educate yourself. Everyday, you encounter new insights.
As much as possible, put it into your mind that you still have a lot to know about, and you have to always be open to accept something new.
Read informative books, or watch something helpful towards what you wanna do.

Think about being creative then actually put yourself at work

– When you think about being creative, and in your head or in your daydream you see yourself striving, it gets you more inspired and excited to actually work.
Keep your focus on your resources, make outputs, then see success after.

Have you ever thought of starting a business? If so, what type? Comment down!

Let’s Chat! ☕

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