On Our Way Home

Virtually Bly

We came from the coffee shop.
Blessed by the rain,
As the wheels paved the road.

I played my favorite song,
A heartbreak like a death march.
We were just sitting wanting to come home.

You told me to look at you,
But I didn’t.
As if I couldn’t hear your voice.

Until I bravely turned my head,
And you saw the accumulation of tears.
So did I see the temptation in your eyes.

Without my permission,
You placed your lips on mine.
And I wanted to kiss you back.

It felt right,
Having your fingers on my cheeks.
The pain flew away.

The gravity went out,
I couldn’t feel my senses.
But you tasted Coffee.

In my head,
There was an ocean of poems.
I wrote them in the car,

As the same amount of air were circling between me, and you.

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Easy Tips to Boost the Effectiveness of your Blog Posts // Blogging and Growth

Do you feel as if you struggle to bring people read your blog post?
That might be because you need correct some things with the way you write them.

Any bloggers may post about any topic of their choice, and has different ways to craft them. The pictures, word choices, structuring, making titles, et cetera.
Some writing strategies can be effective, and some might not be.
That is why, in this post, I’m gonna be sharing easy tips To boost the effectiveness of your Blog posts.

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Craft Out a Catchy Title

– Catchy titles are essential so readers get fascinated what the post of yours may contain the moment they see the preview of it. It can be a question, or a sentence.
Just by title Alone, your readers will know to themselves if your post is helpful, useful, informative, or not. They will also determine if they really have to read that or flee.

Use Topic-related Pictures

– Using Pictures isn’t new anymore. We use featured images to double up the beauty of our blog posts, and make it more pleasing and more professional.
When using a picture, make sure that it’s topic-related.

If your post is talking about travel, then the photo must showcase travelling too. If you talk about beauty, you must also showcase a beauty-related photo.
Don’t make your featured image ruin the readers impression.

Generate a Reader-Calling Introduction

– Introduction is important in everything. In essays, and other type of technical or academic writing.
Like title, you can also start with a question related to what you’re going to talk about along the post.
Your Intro must give a preview what the readers might find out after reading through.

Don’t be Too Verbose in the Body of Your Blog Post

– The most ineffective Way in writing today is making everything too long, wordy, and full of turns. Avoid that as much as possible, state your main ideas or purpose to be able not to bore the readers, and jump out of your post. However, if you have a lot to share, the post can really get lengthy. Being lengthy on that Case is okay, for as long as you target the key points.

Be Direct to the Point, Use Modern Blog Post Structuring

– most Readers like it when they get what they want out of the post quickly.
They have intention when they read, whether that is the information, or the answer they were expecting you to give. You might as well wanna make sure that they get their intention fast and clearly.
By doing that, they’ll be happy how your blog post turned out, thus coming back for more.
In order to be straightforward, you can use the modern structuring used by bloggers: Bullets, Highlights, or an outline, or the keyword and definition method.

Choose the Right Vocabulary

– Keep in mind that your readers aren’t all the same, and they can also be different from you. You can have adult or teen readers in one post, so be picky with the words that you use.
Make sure that your Vocabulary is easy to understand, Not too deep, not too shallow. Choose words that are Not too ancient, and not too modern. Stick to people’s comfort level.

Use a Moderated Tone in Writing

– As a writer, You wanna sound Professional as possible with the way you structure your sentences, and the way you put your ideas on your post.
Using a moderated tone in writing is your best friend. Be sure that you doesn’t put too much of your belief, don’t be too bias, don’t be insensitive with your readers.
Keep in mind that you doesn’t have to sound as professional as you want. Keep your tone welcoming, kind, but with a twist of being a little technical.

Design your Post

– Designing your post isn’t about being childish. It’s just a strategy of being artistic, and showing your effort to the readers.
To Design, use graphics which are clear and is not distracting. Don’t make it too big to the extent that it’s already outshining your main post.

Make Conclusion

– In making conclusion, you can just make a quick summary of what you stated on the body of your post. It doesn’t have to be too long.
However, some bloggers today doesn’t make conclusions anymore. It’s optional.

End your Post with Question/s, or with a Remarkable Quote.

– Adding questions at the end of your blog is the most effective way to let your readers engage, or comment. It gives your post the ability to be communicative and make your audience connect with you.
– On the other side, adding a remarkable quote simply make your post able to become remarkable as well. It also encourage a certain course of action, especially if you talk about awareness on something.

Let your Readers Feel You’re their Friend

– Readers feel warmth, and more welcome all the time when you make them feel like you’re a friend through your writing. How? Treat your Blog post as if it’s a letter to a friend. After adding a question or a quote, add an ending remark such as ‘hugs’ xoxo’ love’, then add your name. Easy, Right?

Did you find this post helpful? Are you going to do these steps on your next post? Excited to step up your blog post-making strategy?

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Ways You can Maximize the Quarantine for Your Blog

Time investment is really important. And now that almost everyone worldwide is stuck at home due to the quarantine brought by the current pandemic going, we’ve got all the time we can invest on whatever we want.
Whether if we Use our vacancy to manage our social media accounts, rest all we want, discover new recipes and eat, spend it with family, or with organizing things, whatnot, the decision is all ours.

While we are sitting, waiting for the crisis to be over, and explore the outside again, do you know that you can instead achieve great things for your website? Yes, you do know.

So this post is to help bloggers get ideas how to maximize the free time working for their blog.

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Brainstorm new Ideas – Good work to do if you like working with blog posts in your head before typing or actually writing it.

Make Blog Posts – This is the best way to avoid hustled posts once the hectic schedules are back again.

Explore Different and New Topics – To enable your blog get diverse readers, and for you to practice your versatility.

Interact with Other Bloggers – Like Other Bloggers post, comment on them, show love and support.

Try Collaborating with Brands – Try to reach out to brands, so once the quarantine is over, you can get their items + have the chance to gain money from advertising them.

Make Graphics for Future Posts – Edit Featured Images to avoid getting rushed graphics. I recommend the application called ‘Canva’.

Change Blog Theme – Dress Up your Blog with something new and refreshing.

Redesign Blog – Make your website more fancy after it’s all dressed-up. Add accessories like header image, site icon, et cetera.

Revise Old Posts (optional) – Proofread and Edit Old Blog Posts to make them feel new again.

Re-brand (optional) – change your tagline, or niche if you want, and make people rerecognize your website.

Get Free Blogging Courses – Make the most out of the offers given by successful bloggers. Learn from their free online blogging courses which will teach you more about Blogging, gaining traffic, advertising, Monetizing, et cetera.
To start, search on Google or easier, on Pinterest: click the links, sign up with your email address, confirm application, then you’ll receive consistent emails composed of articles or videos you can watch related to the blogging topic.

Make and Giveaway Freebies – Make software generated designs and printables, and give them away to your readers.
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Photo Shoot for Featured Images – if you use your own photos on your blog posts, Create flatlay photographs, photo shoot creatively, so you have pictures-to-use in store.

Get New Stockphotos – if you doesn’t use your own photographs, you can get stock photos on websites offering such. You can use them on graphic designs, or featured images on future posts.
As of now, I’m using pexels for my stock photos.
If you want more resources, searching is the key.

Read Blog Posts about Growing Blog from Other Authors – Learn through Blog-Help Posts created by successful bloggers so you can create more successful website too.

Work for Your Traffic through Different Platforms – start Advertising your blog (if you haven’t or advertise it more to your socials. That’s a great step to make your blog more recognized by larger number of people.

Optimize your SEO Through Keywords Searching and Implementing – Optimizing SEO means boosting the visibility of your blog posts/ website on search engines. To do it, search blogging keywords related on the topic of your blog posts, use those keywords as tags, or state them along writing the post.

Not post related but I hope all of you are doing good and are life-positive right now, despite of all these negativities and uncertain things going around. Remember to always wake up, don’t take your days for granted, bond with your family, and be grateful for what you have.

What are you up to this quarantine? Doing good? Got some ideas you can do for your blog?

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What’s up With my Life this Quarantine?

Lately, I’ve been focused on feeding my blog with Informative posts and I’m not gonna lie, I missed writing about my life and me.

I’m happy because if I’m going to tell, I’m having the best time balancing both my online and offline life in these moments full of negativity going around. I love the fact that I’m getting a lot of time investing for myself and for my works.

I honestly exceeded half part of my WIP- the novel I can’t wait to Publish. Let me give y’all hint with the title – 2 words only.
But you can just follow this blog because that is owned by my main girl character.
I don’t know, but I’m getting a lot of motivation lately, especially from the songs I’m listening to. I create a lot of imageries.
I also got a new idea for a second novel I might write anytime. I swear, it’ll be a little different, and personal again.

About blogging, I’m happy that I was able to generate a lot of ideas into blog posts. They’re in store and all ready to be posted. I’m low-key rebranding my blog. I’m going to post more blog and marketing strategies, self-help posts aimed for personal development, + more.
I changed my ‘About‘ Page which I’m so Happy about.
But I’m making sure you’ll still get my poems and prose, even though my creative writing frequency isn’t the same as before.

About Instagram, I’m having a lot of content I can’t wait to release too.
I’m also bringing my advocacies through captions + grow my audience through instagram Strategies.

° You can read my Instagram Coaching Blog Posts Here:

How to Blog like a Pro Amidst of YouTube?

Important Things Instagram Beginners Must Know

I also got to be interviewed and featured on SimplyCreative.com where I talked about blogging, the blogging community, Writing, and reaching people.
Read here: My Blogger Interview @ Simply Creative

However, I struggle to focus with my Spanish Course. It’s just hard to multitask. I can’t deny.

Want to Know The Albums I’m loving Right Now?

What are your Projects in the moment? Excited for my future Informative Blog posts? Who’s the musical artist/s your loving in the moment?

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Specific Tips to Boost Self-Confidence // Self-Love & Personal Development

You wake up early in the morning, and you look at yourself in the mirror. You think that you’re just a potato out of all these beautiful people around you.

You post photos on social media where you always hide yourself, as if your followers will start unfollowing you once they see you.

You copy tutorials on Youtube how to glow up, but then you think, it doesn’t work for you.

Confidence is indeed a difficult thing to have, and it’s not easy to be developed in this ever-growing abundance of media. I guess, everyone struggle with it, if not always, sometimes.

Are you also struggling to stay confident everyday?
If yes, this blog post is for you!

Here are the specific tips to help you be comfortable about yourself :

° Journal your insecurities, then as you fight that insecurity every day, eliminate a letter until it’s already all erased. Means, it’s not your insecurity anymore, but rather a flaw you learned to love and accept.

° Stop comparing yourself to others, and start owning your life.

° Be grateful for what you have

° Think about one of your characters people are most likely to notice and praise, then keep that character.

° Do some workouts, but be body-positive

° Eat healthy foods, and drink healthy drinks

° Expose yourself to people, socialize, and always be kind as possible

° Have advocacies

° Recognise your accomplishments

° always try to be positive, and smile, because a person who’s always smiling is hard to break

° Find your talents, then do not keep them for yourself

° Get out of your comfort self : try new outfits, new hairstyle

° Post pictures of yourself, then if someone comment something negative, unfollow or block that user, you do not need to be connected with negative people

° polish nails, if you want

There’s definitely nothing wrong about improving one self, for as long as you do not change it. Remember, that growth only comes when you’re brave enough to walk out of the things or practices you’re comfortable at.
In this world where people are most-likely to sugarcoat themselves, learn how to hug your true self instead, then be confident being it.

What do you think is the biggest contributor to your lost of confidence? What’s your self-appreciation mantra? Did you find this post helpful?

Comment down your thoughts and we’ll talk more about confidence!

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