Life Updates | Hell Week & Sleepless Nights aka Student Struggles

Hey there Lovely People!
How are you guys doing?
Hope you’re all smiling right now.

It’s been days that I’ve been inactive with my blog, I missed posting about me, life updates ’cause most of the time I publish my writings so let’s take this beautiful moment and have some fun for a while. Shall we?
Can I just tell you all how stress I became this past week, ahh it turned out to be a hell, practice there-practice here-write there-write here-review and review, that are the things I did for 5 consecutive days, 5 consecutive days that I’m almost sleepless ’cause of my school stuffs. I really can’t understand ’til now how I was flooded with numerous to-dos like I don’t even delay or procrastinate anything (except on notes) but what happened seems to be almost traumatic. At the middle of being super busy, I had a sudden emotional breakdown, I felt something inside that made me cry alone, I couldn’t explain my reason but all I know, I’m tired ’cause maybe I’m being pressured, I am forced to do something I don’t wanna do anymore, I’m burned out and in lack with rest but I think they’re worth it (at least). I’m fine now. Enough with the dramas.

TBH, I’m not sure if my grades will still be consistent. I’m anxious. My past quizzes aren’t really good and Guys, I’m afraid of failing but I have nothing to do if I’ll really fail (I just hope I won’t), if I can’t make it to be a part of the with honors again, I need big acceptance. But I’ve been telling Momma about my confusions lately and she told me it’s just alright if I can’t have such grades as In 90+, I don’t have to push myself though. I’m too lucky. Moms really know how to make us feel better.

The other day, We performed our zumba presentation blahblah, I just don’t like it ha-ha. Dancing is not anymore part of my likes since I finished my elementary grades, know what I wore? It’s just a shirt (not a T-shirt) with a long slit at both sides, so I just showed off my slim body lmao, guys I think y’all have idea about how skinny I am, right?
I’m skinny and so I was there who wore a shirt with long slit and my classmates of course saw it, they are envious with me, are they serious? Well, they’re envious because they also want to have the same body as mine -OMG- I was humbled. I danced awkwardly without knowing what I’m doing ’cause to tell it honestly I really don’t know the steps, I just tried to groove like our leader, watched her moves and there I was, dancing like no one’s watching.
We also had our final examinations, trust me I never took a serious review ’cause I was having no time to do it *rolls eyes* as I’ve said I was flooded and trust me once more, I and my classmates cheated, we had a teamwork ha-ha. Yes, we just helped one another, so when I know what’s the right answer I give it to them and when they also know the same thing on other items, they also share it with me, that’s what we did -Yowww.
While on Friday, I just delivered my short speech in front of the whole class, It’s a combination of Entertainment, informative, and Persuasive Style and I’m not so sure if I successfully put ’em all there ’cause the ideas were written in rush. I thought I already memorized the whole thing ’cause no notes shall be used but I honestly did, it’s only that I messed-up the last part. I had a mental block in front at the conclusion and we all know how important conclusion is. I forgot the next line after the first sentence of it but I’m not disappointed though, After grade 10 I already learned that I should never put a lot of standards for myself and so I have no regrets right now for what happened. Fortunately, I got through it, I acted in front pretended like I’m still with my words and I still have them inside my mind ’til I remember every single thing and passed.
Guys, I got 96 with my speech delivery! Wohooo! *confetti*.
If you want to read the whole thing, get that HERE.

Sem break is on, Time to rest is on. After that hell week, finally the long waiting is over. 1st semester is gone and let’s welcome 2nd semester as it will come viry viry soon.
I’ll just prepare my research paper for Filipino subject and Balance sheet in Entrepreneur together with my groupmates and I hope things will be easy as eating-a-piece-of-cake. Hopefully.

I only remember, MATHEMATICS is about to come this next semester. Oh! Freak!

-I’m glad I have this ppl behind my back. After the last day of the most stressful week of our lives ever, I and mahh friends just chill together. We’ve talked a lot of shits, shared jokes, and laughed.

Don’t ask, this gal is just my best friend.

By the way, I became so addicted with sunlight shots.

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17 thoughts on “Life Updates | Hell Week & Sleepless Nights aka Student Struggles

    1. Hey!
      But I’m glad I’m already done with the busy days. I’m able to rest now for 1 week (only) haha.

      πŸ˜‚I never knew WP has Limitation for likes. They’re so greedy. Hilarious.
      But that’s just okay. What’s important, you took time reading this update.
      Thanks so much πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, dear.
      It’s just really frustrating, isn’t it?
      But at least I’m already done with that stressful days and I hope you too.
      Thanks for reading, xx. πŸ™‚
      Wait, you mean you’re a working Student? That’s impressive if yes.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Just fine, gal.

        Oh wow! I Am always amazed with working students and I just want to be one of them. It’s just super feel-good when you know you achieve things because of yourself.
        I wish I can be like you when I turn to college.
        Keep up the good work, good luck!
        πŸ™‚ xx

        Liked by 2 people

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