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Hello y’all amazing peeps!
How are you guys doin’?

Today I’ll be doing a tutorial post on how to design your own handwriting, I will give you some new lettering ideas that I use when I’m writing for my school works. So being a student, I think knowing how to put creativity on writing is a must and though not all hand calligraphy are the same, still we can use the same ways on how to make it look good.

So when we’re doing projects on schools, we always need front page and we are always able to use printed one but me, when I make front pages I usually don’t create it on Microsoft Word and then Print after. Printing is maybe way too effortless so I rely on my own hands and I just design it to have my own text style. What you will learn from me today is also applicable on bullet journaling, Diary, note lectures especially on Titles, and whatever it is that uses text.
What about giving it a start? Shall we?

I’m very much excited. Oops! Remember, it won’t matter if your handwriting is good, what’s important is that you can write.

I prepared three ideas and these are all sooo easy. Trust me.

1. Dotting

– This is way easier yet the cutest for me. This is what I usually use ’cause it don’t spend a lot of time and it’s neat to see.
At the tail of every letter, that is where you should put the dot. It helps to make the calligraphy become fancier and not only plainly simple.

Before :

After :

2. Fishtail Style

– so the design is like tail of a fish that’s why I called it that way.
After you write the word, draw a small triangle shaped figure on the letters, shade them, add a curved-a-bit line following that shaded triangle, and then you’re done!
In doing this, your way of writing letters must be a little spacious because it won’t look pretty if letters are very much compressed. Those spaces that you’re going to leave will be filled with fishtail designs.

Before :

After :

3. Duplicative / Shadows

-I mean, this is the easiest. After you write what you wish on your paper, you can quickly trace the word but let it overlap from the original one. It’s like cloning or rewriting the same thing on the same place and after, your lettering will look like it have shadows of it’s own.

Bonus Idea :

4. Hollow Shades

– This is bonus because this is the counterpart / complement of Duplicative / shadows. Just after you did that third idea, just after you put hollow spaces on any sides of each letters, you can quickly do the Hollow Shades. This idea suits letters like B, C, D, and O especially.
To start, easily choose any pen that you want, draw vertical lines on spaces and then you’re done!
Let’s have the word β€œColors” for example, and this is how that would look like:

And if you guys want to make the same font as mine, I’ll let you learn. I don’t mind if some people would copy my handwriting ’cause honestly, I really do want to share it with y’all.

1. Hold your pen in such a way that you’re comfortable at.
2. Write smoothly and let it be a little cursive but not wholly.
3. Elongate the tail of letters such as f, p, y, or whatnot.
4. Add some style and write vertically.

And if you guys want to see my whole penmanship, then I’ll let you. Here:

That’s it! I hope you learned something from me again, people and if you want me to make more posts similar to this, just tell me and I will do. You guys are the boss!

Love ’em? Which one do you like best? Going to do the same thing now? Or you have your own ideas? Share your thoughts with me by dropping lovely comment down below!

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