Afternoon Captures | Photography + Camera Tricks

I don’t know what’s happening to me but lately, I just decided to be back on Photography. I once did this on my first blog and I created a section on menu for it but now, if I’m about to take pictures I’ll then probably going to make a post for it rather than keeping them on a one corner.

I found myself awake on a one afternoon and to my surprise, I didn’t take that afternoon to sleep and rest. Usually, when I have free time I grab it for bed but I didn’t. I was there staring at the back of our house, I really do that when I’m bored and I don’t know why. Nature puts me in calm so maybe that’s my reason, I mean, it’s just relaxing and I find peace together with green.

I saw subjects so without any hesitation, I quickly grabbed my phone. Yes guys, the photos I’ll drop here are only taken by my phone because I don’t have professional camera for photography.
I had Daisy and Roses and ahhhh, I just can’t get enough of them. I took 3 shots for Daisy and One shot for this bunch of Roses which I think is perfect.

– When I capture flowers, I don’t really put them in the middle of the camera. It’s not important for me if they’re on the angle or on the side ’cause I keep on maintaining the focus on it. Sometimes, we don’t really need to put everything at the common place, sometimes we should try new things and see if it’s better.

I know, I shouldn’t miss capturing sky. I love the clouds, maybe I took this at 3:00 PM.

– For Capturing clouds or sky to be specific, better if we will add some touch of leaves or trees because it will add Beauty to the whole photo and it will contrast the light.

– Blurred is also gorgeous. Sometimes.

The Vines. Ha-ha. This is the grapes I planted from my Lola and don’t still bear fruit until now. I’m willing to wait.

– As we can see, the color is green all over and there could be a big chance that the subject won’t be seen but I put it on the center and I maximize the focus so it’s still good.

– I love this Grass!

In enhancing the colors of the pictures, I use VSCO application for additional edits. Most filters requires money but they also offer free simple but elegant effects so I’m still one of their users.

So peeps! I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to if you will tell me how you think about it. Please let me know if I should do this again. And I will do this again.

Fell in love with the shots? Which is your Top one? Learned something about photography? Drop your comment down below and let’s talk about that.

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5 thoughts on “Afternoon Captures | Photography + Camera Tricks

    1. Hello there, Nadia!
      Thanks for checking this post out and I’m glad you liked the photos I got there.

      So, β€œ OPPO ” is the brand of the phone I have. They’re one of the best names when it comes to Camera. You should buy one if you haven’t.
      πŸ™‚ xx

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