Availed my very First Book

It turned out that our Reading and Writing subject teacher gave us paper work namely “Book Review” and despite of the fact that I’m not bookish, I was excited when I heard what she said. I was having no idea what will be the book I’m going to read so I posted something on Twitter about it. Mary (my sis) replied to it and asked me what type of story do I want and I said that it’s heartbreak, she suggested that “All the Bright Places” written by Jennifer Niven is pretty good that it made her crying. I asked where can I buy such book, then she said that I can check it at goodreads.


I checked Goodreads application searching the book and I knew that it’s a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 😍.
I clicked it but it don’t open so in partnership with Kindle application, I tried to open it once more but what showed is just the sample. Then I said to myself, okay I need to search for it on the bookstore and avail, reading online is hustle anyway.

For my purpose, which is to make my project, I went there together with my classmate and friend as well. When I enter the store, I saw top-selling books Displayed in front like To All the Boys I loved Before, P. S. I still love you, Fangirl, Fault in our stars, and many more. I know they are written by known Writers like Jenny Han and Lang Leav, I just forgot the others.
My Target is the book I’m telling y’all about, “All the Bright Places”, so when I wasn’t able to see the book, I asked my classmate to help me search for it, I let her take a look at the cover of it and she suggested that maybe the book is on the second floor and so we got ourselves in there, I saw The book entitled “The Beginning of Everything”, I know it’s good. She suddenly found what we are looking for and to my surprise, yep! She found it!The price is harsh. It is worth 465 pesos and $10.99 if in US dollars. At least, it contain a good story I’ll probably enjoy along reading.

I was standing on the counter when I realized that I want to avail more, buy those best-selling narratives. I am now in regret for not saving money but I’m sure I’ll start to save now, go over the city book store and be back for them.
After this school year, I’ll be a bookworm. Here’s my top list of amazing Titles together with their astonishing content :

• To all The boys I loved before ( I know that I can just watch it but I won’t, I still want it)

• P.s. I still love you

• The fault in our stars

• The beginning of everything

• Fangirl
• Holding up the universe

• Eleanor and Park

This is the start of something good and new.
Start new adventures by the pages and keep a lot of them. I’m starting to be bookish and love em all.

“ The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places. ”

-Ernest Hemingway

Now, I will be on a hiatus again for a while to finish reading what I got for my new LIBRARY. I need to focus on our chapter 1 of research and for the title defense as well this upcoming January anyway.

Sorry people, my writings are still off to be posted here in my blog. At this moment, they are still kept in my note but I promise that I’ll be posting more writings again once I’m back. Bye y’all!

Have you already read “All the Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven? What are your thoughts about it? Do you also know the books that are on my top list? Drop all your comments down below and let’s talk!

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28 thoughts on “Availed my very First Book

    1. I think, Eleanor and Park is different but it has the same story as “ all the bright places ” by Jennifer Niven so that’s also on my wish list as of now that I don’t have sufficient money .
      Thanks for checking this post out by the way. 🙂 X

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      1. i’ve read that book too. i started reading novels when i was 18 🙂 it’s a good habit. I’m 24 now, if you’re asking hehe. nail your book review! yay!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Rocel 🙂 that’s my first name. I’m new here, so you know… I’m looking forward to reading your tutorials on how to blog here hehehe I try your suggestions to see if they work for me hehe. I love your aesthetic btw.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Okay! Nice to meet you, Rocel!
        Oh, welcome to the blogosphere too! I should be one of your first blog supporters 😀
        I’m glad you look forward for my tutorials here. Thanks for the compliment 🙂

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      4. I don’t use Tumblr much unlike the way I use Twitter but I’ll go check it if possible.

        Tumblr uses a lot of data and I gotta be honest that we don’t have Wi-Fi
        So it’s really a challenge for me especially in blogging.

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      5. I also use data too hehehe but I find wordpress more complicated than Tumblr. I stick with Tumblr hehe. It was just a happy accident that I created a site here. I’m still thinking on what to post tho.

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