Light-years before the Stars

Staring on my open window,
I watch the Sun leaving the beautiful sky.
Other stars abide to shine,
I don’t wanna be blind.

Right here in the world of mine,
Chances are impossible to find.
There’s nothing but empty dreams,
You’ll never hear any of my heart’s scream.

Or maybe you’re from other universe,
Created not to meet me.
You’re seen from afar,
We are only astray- not meant.

Among other Stars,
You are the only visible on my vision.
Others are dying,
Yet you keep on shining.

But like any other Stars,
You are far.
Maybe I’m not part of the constellation where you are,
Maybe your heart isn’t just mine.

One day you will go away,
Fade away from the sky.
One day I will open my eyes,
As if waking up on a cloudy day- my little hopes die.

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