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Productivity is a challenge for almost all of us. Especially that we are surrounded by technology, so we often take our time for it rather than doing something useful and creative. Productivity is twin of the word “positivity”, when you’re making purpose out of your day, you get this good mood which enables you to be mentally stable.

Today, I’m gonna be sharing with you some productivity tips which I use and I deem are effective for me. ⤵

♡ Plan your day ahead.

Planning your day is the most efficient and fastest way to make the best out of your day. Planning doesn’t have to take long time, you can plan at night before you sleep. When you have everything listed and organised, and sequenced, you save a lot of time because planning doesn’t anymore require you to remember or decide what you have to do when you’re already working.

♡ use journal or note for listing the sequence of your activity.

When you list what you have to do during the day, you don’t get lose on track. A journal or a note application are your buddies if you’re the type of person who’s prone to forgetting.

♡ Make sure to eat meals.

You can’t just work if you’re starving. Right?

♡ Make sure to rehydrate and rehydrate yourself as you work.

Rehydrating is very important. As you work, you can be drained or exhausted. Water is your fuel, it will surely give you energy to keep moving.

♡ Do not waste Leisure.

Being productive doesn’t mean you’re too occupied at all. Sometimes you get this free time wherein you can just lie on your bed or sit in the couch. This leisure has the tendency to be wasted, so rather than facing your phone again, you can focus on doing something you enjoy (such as reading, writing, painting, watching informative news or shows) or better, use your leisure to improve or discover new set of skills. Make sure that what you do during this period is something that you love, because when you do what you love and is in your interest, you get this good mood. And that good mood is equated to resting.

♡ But also, take time to breathe.

Breathing, this is your total rest. For some minutes, you can take nap, or face your phone again. Probably, just upload something on instagram first, or tweet. Or something, but be careful not to take so much time for it.

♡ Reward yourself after everything.

Rewarding yourself after your accomplishments is very important, this has to be always there. This keeps you motivated when you work. After everything, eat your comfort food, listen to music, have a long bath, do some skin care routine. Rewards should be fun and positive.

I hope that this post will help whoever reads. But just a friendly reminder to everyone, you don’t have to be productive all the time. Sometimes you get this mood wherein you feel like not working but That’s okay. Being unproductive isn’t something to be guilty about.

Do you love being productive? What are your productivity strategies? Did you find this post helpful?

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