On Our Way Home

Virtually Bly

We came from the coffee shop.
Blessed by the rain,
As the wheels paved the road.

I played my favorite song,
A heartbreak like a death march.
We were just sitting wanting to come home.

You told me to look at you,
But I didn’t.
As if I couldn’t hear your voice.

Until I bravely turned my head,
And you saw the accumulation of tears.
So did I see the temptation in your eyes.

Without my permission,
You placed your lips on mine.
And I wanted to kiss you back.

It felt right,
Having your fingers on my cheeks.
The pain flew away.

The gravity went out,
I couldn’t feel my senses.
But you tasted Coffee.

In my head,
There was an ocean of poems.
I wrote them in the car,

As the same amount of air were circling between me, and you.

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