Confession of a Coffee Lover | Aesthetic Post

Eight reasons why I love coffee :

☕ I can’t start a day without it and can’t end the day without it too.

It’s just a bliss when you know you wake up for something and when you know you’ll end a day with something too. I think, I’m one of those people shaded with felicity ’cause I don’t need someone to love me for as long as I have my own cup of coffee.

☕ Not too Sweet and not too bitter.

I think in every relationship, too much sweetness can be boring. Well, my relationship with Coffee is never boring ’cause it’s sweet but with bitterness- mixed seriousness.

☕ It keeps me awake in times I don’t yet want to sleep.

There are nights filled with moments I want to linger, there are nights I don’t want to end. I really can treasure such rare times, I can stay up late with my fave beverage. I linger my remarkable late nights through coffee which will never be tired staying strong with me.

☕ Keeps me warm especially during cold nights.

I might be frozen on a cold darkness. I might lose my pink blanket. I might not have someone to hug me but something has to always keep me warm. Yep, My cup of coffee. It’s taste of sweetness and twist of bitterness coat me with warmth to keep me away from dead breeze.

☕ Don’t ask for gifts nor demands.

You’ll get yourself in a relationship just to waste money. Well, get yourself a cup of coffee and put yourself in a relationship with it. I swear, you won’t need to exhaust your money for gifts or any demands.

☕ Takes me away from deep sadness and depression.

I’m super prone with sadness- until I found something to take me away from it. My clouds turned to sunshine, I was saved.

☕ It don’t leave whether through good and bad times.

No matter how many unwanted mistakes I do, coffee will be there to put me at ease anytime I needed to be on ease. I can be the worst yet I also get better by time, and I’m pretty sure, my fave beverage will always accept me and my flaws.

☕ It don’t and it won’t make me cry.

Crying is not awful but it’s gross to always cry over someone. I don’t wanna be miserable just because someone left me with so much pain. So I prefer coffee, at least I’m certain that it won’t leave to make me scatter tears. Never.

You must start to love coffee as well.

avid drinker


Path, Universe, You

Apocalypse- a word too lunatic to hear. I grew up not believing on sad endings, I grew up not looking at the darker shade of life. I never believed on foolish creatures either. I was walking through the side of happiness, I kept on pursuing what I see and getting them afterwards. Those old days are the reminder how I held hard on baloney, I thought happiness and infinity always await but they also fade away, they also run and hide themselves sometimes. I was blandished by my own.

Stories can fool and trick the characters, there are narrative made to crush bones, there are pages attached only for mess, only for tragedy and wounds and breaking chapters and whirlpool of emotions. I don’t know if I’m one of such characters- I hope not but am I played by my fate?
I realized, it’s not about getting what you want or reaching the unreachables. Sometimes, little sunshine is enough, there should be rain before darkness but worst- it was both darkness and rain which happened.
I now believe with apocalypse, apocalypse was when you came in, ’twas when you rustle my heart. It was starry before you enter the story I was writing for myself but now, it’s nothing, because even the Moon left me. You too brought heavy clouds to cover it all.

You were a destructive disaster. And here I am, lying and staring at my empty sky. This time, I linger those first moments- looking back at your very first picture in my head, thinking of the deadliest thoughts truly alive until now, to the very first letter of your name I carved on my heart. They are now the kaleidoscope of my mind. I was made for tragic endings.

We better say goodbye. And if we’re truly meant to be, if we’re in one constellation, as long as we are both standing and breathing, fate will make it’s way once more.
If my whole existence will be bewitched, I will walk the same path to search for the same missing universe once exploded- with painted new stars and new Moon. I will create another story with our names as the characters but for the second chance, with built-in infinity. I will chase the universe where you are, where I shall meet you again, the universe without my broken what-ifs and maybes from the bitter yesterday I had.

7 Favorite Things Tag

Hey Lovely Peeps!
I guess y’all know what’s this post will be all about- I mean, look and read the title. 😂
So yes, it’s a tag and let’s say I post it today. I was tagged by Mary Añonuevo from the blog OMG RYRY, and I’m beyond thankful because this tag is really awesome. Thanks to her and if you guys still don’t give her blog a follow, which she deserves so much, go ahead and follow her now- ASAP- make no delays.

I’m quite excited so to start, let me give the rules.

Rules :

° Link back to and thank the person that tagged you.

° Link back to and thank the blogger who started the tag. (It’s Beth. Thanks to her.)

° List and picture at least seven of your favourite things.

° Tag at least seven people

° List the seven rules (It says seven but there are only 5. Weird.😂)

My 7 fave things :

1. Books– What’s not to love about books?
After we were given the book review project, I started to love books. Now, I just want to have mini library inside my room but maybe someday soon. I do struggle with budget especially that I’m a student but at least, I somehow manage to avail. Books are amazing, it can bring anyone somewhere, it introduces different people, places, stories of love, tragedy. For me, books have feelings and they send those feelings to the readers which effectively moves ’em.

*My first 2 Books by Jennifer Niven

2. DIY materials | DIY-ing
Ahh! DIY! Ever since when I was a kid, Art is already one of my passions. I love decorating because there, I can put myself like in a way that crafts do radiate the one who creates and it reflects me as a person. Through DIY using different materials, I can showcase my ideas as well as my character.

*These are some of my DIY materials

3. Photography
I don’t have professional camera for photography and I only use my phone but taking picture is still a beautiful thing to do for me. It’s like when you see something which deserves to be captured, you will grab your camera to snap. That’s why I do photography posts here in my blog because I enjoy it too.

*These orchids 😍

4. Coffee
Can I just live without coffee? 😂
No, I can’t. Coffee is my favorite beverage like there will never be a day in my life I can skip without drinking a cup of it.
I don’t know why, I can’t anymore remember the first time I started being an avid drinker but there’s no regret.

*My half-filled Starbucks Mug

5. Fonts | Calligraphy Writing
I’m addicted with fonts like really! Is it only me? Argghh.
I don’t know what to say but I know, fonts are just addictive- so there’s no wonder that I love adding texts on photos especially for my blog covers.
I’m way too conscious with my own font because for my side, my handwriting can be an opinion of other people about me. Usually, I use my own calligraphy for making front pages of my outputs/projects because I love lettering duhh. 😂😛

*Yep! My handwriting

6. Music– Who would not love music? Right? Music is escape. Life. Sometimes everything. Lol. Not really.
But honestly, listening to music is the best thing to do to at least relax the mind, pause the time, and just chill.

*Logo for iOs

7. Sleep-
No one can lie about this- Sleep is our no. 1 favorite thing, isn’t it?
Nobody can tell me that they hate laying in bed and closing their eyes ’cause that would be too unusual and unbelievable. Seriously, it’s my no. 1 among all.

*This is the picture of the sleeping cat I got somewhere.

That’s it! I’m done and you guys have now the idea about my likes/interests. This tag is just so lovely and it’ll be lovely too if I’m going to allow y’all to do this also.
To whoever reading this, yep, I tag you so you’ll be able to share your top 7 favorites as well. Go, grab the chance and have fun! 😀

Do I love something which you also prefer? Enjoyed the post? Or, will you do this tag? Tell me your thoughts and let’s talk on the comment section! 🌸

*By the way, just so you guys are aware, I joined the school’s singing competition and I sung All too Well by Taylor Swift. Unfortunately, I lose but it was my first time and I can’t believe I stood there in front of people just to use my voice. Lmao. 😂

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Beginning of Ending

You once was my moon.
You took half of my heart,
You took it fully and all.
Now you’re gone –
I have nothing but clouds during melancholic nights.

You stopped from shining,
I’ll stop on believing.
This is the beginning of our ending.

T. Space Diary | Happenings and Faves

* I know this is way too delayed. I can’t anymore remember the last time I published an interactive post on my blog but let’s just mind the “now” either way than to keep on looking back with “yesterday”. Oops! Way too poetic. 😂

Hey! What are y’all up to, Boys and Gals?
I was too busy making writings lately, I mean, I always write but I don’t always publish. Do I?
I just realized, there’s a lot of good things happening in my life as of now and those good things must be shared. I hope this post won’t be too lengthy because I may bore you peeps with my talkative words.

P. S. I don’t really know how to start this thing up! How?
Let me put it on categories instead.

Student Life Category

Well, if you can still recall, I took a Title defense together with my groupmates for our research paper and take a guess, we received good comments from the panels and our paper passed- and that means, I shall prepare for the upcoming Final defense before this school year ends.

So far, I haven’t got any failing mark. Wish me luck to be still on Top, people. (Arggh! I’m just really wishing hard that this last period of school year could fleet so it’ll be all over.)

One more thing which freaks me out, our School’s foundation day has to come and meaning, I need to join a festive dance competition wherein each year level must present their performances. Uhh! I’m dancing again for my grades.

Bookish Category

Well, if you also can recall, I said on my last T. Space Diary post that I’ll be buying a Book which should be “ Eleanor and Park ” by Rainbow Rowell but unfortunately, there was no more stock on the city book store so instead of leaving without picking one, I chose “ Holding Up The Universe ” by Jennifer Niven. It was already month ago when I availed the book and until now, I’m still unable to read it ’cause I’m swallowed by things I need to put in the middle of my priorities – so the book is still kept inside a shoe box.

Blogging Category

Ahhh! My traffic is booming. I already reached the target number of followers. As of now, I have 500+ followers, same to what I lost on my first blog.
I can’t be anything but grateful for all your support guys. If any of you will ask, I got 4,000 views for 2018 and I know, 2019 will be good.
Let’s look up for 1,000 followers. Can we?

Faves :

Instapoetry – just so y’all know, instapoetry is a thing on instagram which is also a trend presently. When I knew about it, I decided to switch my instagram feed to instapoetry feed. Instapoetry is a hashtag instagram users use when they post poems typed on photo. It’s really cool, honestly and I love it.
I’ll make tutorial post. Watch out!

LANY | Paul Klein – Oh no! My heart! LANY is now my favorite trio band. I can still see myself until now unable to appreciate them at first.
I do remember the moment I searched for their hit “ Malibu Nights ” on YouTube. I was there asking what’s good about the song but the moment I checked them on Spotify to listen to at least figure out how good they really are, I just fell in love- especially with the lead Vocalist who is Paul Klein 😍.
I love his voice, I mean, everything about him. There’s just this thing which breaks my heart, They’ll be touring on the Philippines this upcoming July 24th, 2019 and I can’t even come. I hate it. What a poor shit am I?
Lmao. I better sleep than to be on social media seeing other fans smiling and yelling as they watch while me, sitting on a corner while crying. 😂

Paper strings – A DIY thing. You have idea how much I love doing DIYs, don’t you?
And I bought 5 colorful and useful paper strings for crafts. I so so love them. And I also used the term “ Paper String ” as a title for my poem.
I won’t wonder if some of you guys missed it so here’s the link : ( click me! )

Pinterest – Pinterest is my partner for growing my blog’s traffic. There, I pin my posts and people even non-bloggers are allowed to see and check, and read it out.
I’m on business account so I can see the total number of my viewers there. It’s not constant but so far, I reached 21,000 Viewers and I could scream for that like Wow! Like how?
Honestly, Pinterest is my place for my site’s aesthetics and featured photos so I will forever love the Application. What’s not to love?

I just took a notice that I’m not anymore posting dark writings and I’m now wonderin’. How could I just make all my writings straight for heartbreaks? 😂
If I can think of posting dark writings again, I will. Tbh, there are drafts on my notes written month/s ago. They’re lying old there already.
Again, watch out for my instapoetry tutorial post. Will publish it, sooon.

Do you use Pinterest too? Check out my ideas if yes. You missed Dark Writings? Also love Paul Klein 💞? We can have nice things if you will nod. Drop all your lovely comments down and let’s talk!

Hep! Before I go, let me leave these advance Valentine’s Day photos of mine.

*Single yet complicated 😛

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Deja vu

When one chapter ends,
It is like getting back from what I used to be.
When darkness come in,
It is losing myself again.
When I fall in love,
It is knowing the ending.
When I dream of you,
It is breaking the truth.

Can we linger the beginning?
Can I stay on the first page either?
Cause there’s no happiness in me that lasts a little longer.

Letter from a Fangirl

Dear Moon,

I learned to protect my heart. I learned to distance myself away from any heartbreak- or maybe now, away from you too.

When I was in the middle of building my fences, I was also falling for things I can’t have, for people who couldn’t feel the same as mine- and you’re one of those people. I said a lot of promises and for months, I kept you. There are those moments of hopelessness, there are those moments when I’m drifting and I have nothing but late nights and almost endless river of tears. I never regret about that. Until now, I’m grateful I met you, I had you even if in fact it was only me who believe there’s a connection between us, like you’re my moon, like we are two stars in one constellation.

I accepted everything. I said I can’t be happier but this time, I am. The weather changed, I told myself that you’re just meant for someone- “ You’re – not – mine ”.
It was countless when I uttered “ I need to let you go ”, ’cause I thought you already found what you were searching for. Now, it’s not you anymore, someone took your place in my heart but sorry. I feel guilty, I feel responsible. Even if I broke myself too much, I don’t want you to feel the same pain.

I broke my promises, I shouldn’t be trusted.
No matter how tore I was, I can only blame myself for leaving you without knowing how broken you are with the wrong person.

– weary fangirl, x

Paper String

If you wake up and the sky is melancholic,
Clouds only abide to pour rain.
Tell yourself the sun just forgot to shine,
The streets are still busy-
No reason for you to pause chasing places.

Without vestige from my words of escape,
I will walk away.
Let me keep all the stitches,
Let me hide all the wounds tied by paper strings.
We are written on a torn page.


Yesterday I woke up,
You were there in my mind.
All the feelings came back,
Should I put it again back?
Or what if I get lost in your paradise of nothingness once more,
Will you be there?

I shouldn’t give up,
I should’ve hold on tighter.
Now I want to hold your hand,
Tighter this time.
I want to put my ears on your chest,
Listen to your loud heartbeat.

Can we play back the time?
Can we start over?
If only you can sing for me,
If only we can run away.
We can’t be nowhere together.