wp-1592922526439.pngHey! It’s nice to have you here!

I’m Thony, the creator of Thony Space. The Quirky thing about this blog is how it’s name came up. I used Thony because My Complete name is Mark Anthony Santiago, and I added Space because this blog is my space.

I live in small town from Philippines, and never really thought or dreamed about having a corner on the internet, but this blog was created all by accident. But I love meeting new people online, being inspired and motivated, and being able to find more sources of inspiration and motivation.

One of my rules in life is to keep on creating. Currently, I’m sharing my writings in this website, I also make posts about personal development, self-care ideas, productivity tips, social media, blogging growth, and more. Sometimes, I also allow others to see and know some parts of my life I’d like the internet to know.
I am aiming to touch different and more diversed niches too. I want to reach out to more people to inspire them love themselves, their life, and be creative and more artistic as well.

I truly see that there’s something lovely and fascinating about putting yourself in a controlled work, I want people to feel the same too and find their purpose in life.

I love books, coffee, music, and cats.
Let me know if we have something in common!


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