Lettering Ideas | Handwriting Calligraphy

Hello y’all amazing peeps!
How are you guys doin’?

Today I’ll be doing a tutorial post on how to design your own handwriting, I will give you some new lettering ideas that I use when I’m writing for my school works. So being a student, I think knowing how to put creativity on writing is a must and though not all hand calligraphy are the same, still we can use the same ways on how to make it look good.

So when we’re doing projects on schools, we always need front page and we are always able to use printed one but me, when I make front pages I usually don’t create it on Microsoft Word and then Print after. Printing is maybe way too effortless so I rely on my own hands and I just design it to have my own text style. What you will learn from me today is also applicable on bullet journaling, Diary, note lectures especially on Titles, and whatever it is that uses text.
What about giving it a start? Shall we?

I’m very much excited. Oops! Remember, it won’t matter if your handwriting is good, what’s important is that you can write.

I prepared three ideas and these are all sooo easy. Trust me.

1. Dotting

– This is way easier yet the cutest for me. This is what I usually use ’cause it don’t spend a lot of time and it’s neat to see.
At the tail of every letter, that is where you should put the dot. It helps to make the calligraphy become fancier and not only plainly simple.

Before :

After :

2. Fishtail Style

– so the design is like tail of a fish that’s why I called it that way.
After you write the word, draw a small triangle shaped figure on the letters, shade them, add a curved-a-bit line following that shaded triangle, and then you’re done!
In doing this, your way of writing letters must be a little spacious because it won’t look pretty if letters are very much compressed. Those spaces that you’re going to leave will be filled with fishtail designs.

Before :

After :

3. Duplicative / Shadows

-I mean, this is the easiest. After you write what you wish on your paper, you can quickly trace the word but let it overlap from the original one. It’s like cloning or rewriting the same thing on the same place and after, your lettering will look like it have shadows of it’s own.

Bonus Idea :

4. Hollow Shades

– This is bonus because this is the counterpart / complement of Duplicative / shadows. Just after you did that third idea, just after you put hollow spaces on any sides of each letters, you can quickly do the Hollow Shades. This idea suits letters like B, C, D, and O especially.
To start, easily choose any pen that you want, draw vertical lines on spaces and then you’re done!
Let’s have the word β€œColors” for example, and this is how that would look like:

And if you guys want to make the same font as mine, I’ll let you learn. I don’t mind if some people would copy my handwriting ’cause honestly, I really do want to share it with y’all.

1. Hold your pen in such a way that you’re comfortable at.
2. Write smoothly and let it be a little cursive but not wholly.
3. Elongate the tail of letters such as f, p, y, or whatnot.
4. Add some style and write vertically.

And if you guys want to see my whole penmanship, then I’ll let you. Here:

That’s it! I hope you learned something from me again, people and if you want me to make more posts similar to this, just tell me and I will do. You guys are the boss!

Love ’em? Which one do you like best? Going to do the same thing now? Or you have your own ideas? Share your thoughts with me by dropping lovely comment down below!

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I Can’t be Happier

I saw myself walking down the path at five,
Hiding and carrying weight inside.
Seeing your pictures in my head,
I counted the steps I took and even faster.
As the clouds passed by to cover the empty sky,
I ran away.
I know I can’t be happier.

Student Life ft. Sudden Hiatus

Finally it’s already Friday and this is the right time to post something new! And a while-goodbye…

Hey! What’s up y’all guys!
Hope you’re doing good

I decided to put this post in a Video link that I should’ve uploaded on Youtube but I fail to do so.
This post will be updated just as for you to know that I’ll shut my blog down for a while. Yes, you’re not wrong with what you heard, I’ll first take a break and go on a hiatus for a moment with reason.
You all know that I’m a student and next week of classes will be hell again I guess. I together with my groupmates shall start to prepare for our research paper in qualitative type so that means, I need to focus for our Title, sleep less again, study it, and then…
Ahhhhhh! Stresss is coming. It’s already up waiting for me!
I’m very much thankful that my groupmates are obviously responsible and I know I can trust them, I can’t still think of a good topic until this moment ’cause what we presented wasn’t approved and I’m working on it by now but I know that it must be something. I’m a bit nervous but I’m excited at the same time and this thing is must-try so I will work sooo hard for it.

To tell it, I don’t reallly want to blog in hustle and even though I can visit it for some minutes, I still won’t. When I check my blog out and go on the blogosphere, I do take my time to publish and then scroll lovely comments and reply. I don’t want my blogging experience to be lame okay? Ha-ha.

I did prepare my checklist to monitor my activities as part of my preparation process this past weekdays and here’s how it goes:

Huhhh! see they all have hearts but that doesn’t mean I accomplished ’em but at least I’m doing good by now. I think, I fail to sleep before 8:00 PM ’cause there were still assignments and paper works given to us. I fail being off on social media, I used Twitter ’cause I can’t resist and uploaded photo in IG at the same time ha-ha. This weekend will be my last two days of gathering sleep so I need to rest as early as I can at night.
I need to make another checklist for these upcoming days so I’ll put that here and then update you if how they goes once I’m back. Here :

So yes! Don’t yahh guys worry because I’ll still be up on Twitter and will do update you all AMAP, let me give some minutes to get in touch with y’all so if you’re not on my follower list, you can go check it out and tweet me @thony_tweeting. You can also connect with me and send me message, my DM section is always open.
Am honestly not sure if this hiatus I’ll be getting into will only take one week, maybe weeks let say but I’ll be back anyway, Right?

You’re a student? You also struggle with school right now? What’s your thought about doing a practical research? Drop your comments down and let’s talk once I’m back!

I think, the defense will be an experience of mixed-emotions but I’m excited for it though it won’t yet happen. We’ll see!


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10:00 PM Playlist | Song Composition

Alone in this darkness
I can hear the heavy rain outside
Staring at your pictures again
And the memories starts
Flashing back in my mind

I hope someone would come
I hope someone would wipe this tears away
Wish it would be you
But everything’s gone
’cause you’re not mine

I’ll just walk away from you
I’ll just run away and let go
And at the night everybody’s asleep
I’ll listen to my 10:00 pm list of songs.
Bursts out and cry quietly alone.

My heart’s beating
Still for your name
Such a painful word to hear
And I know your heart also beats
But never for me, not at all

Nobody could ever see how I’m dying
Nobody can hear my screams
I’m not her
And tomorrow’s another sunshine
This moment will be eaten by my cries.

I’ll just walk away from you
I’ll just run away and let go
And at the night everybody’s asleep
I’ll listen to my 10:00 pm list of songs.
Bursts out and cry quietly alone.

Maybe by the lyrics
This emotion won’t be anymore sick
By the tone
I’ll learn to forget
I was afraid to fall

As I’m shuffling my lullabies
I shuffle my feelings away
Wishing the songs can repeat themselves
To heal my wounds fast
I’m still hurt. On the inside.

I’ll just walk away from you
I’ll just run away and let go
And at the night everybody’s asleep
I’ll listen to my 10:00 pm list of songs.
Bursts out and cry quietly alone.

Quietly Alone. Quitely Alone.

At Those Old Stars

Up there were old Stars, shining in Red and once was Blue. I’m looking at those dying hopes again, Alone. Tearing myself up again, without no one by my side.

They were twinkling helplessly, asking to be back from what they used to be. Dreaming of being as much beautiful once more even if there’s no way to start over. Soon enough, they will explode and lost their shining brights, die and fall to the infinite darkness of sky.

Maybe, if my feelings would also be a dying star, I would explode but never be the same. I would never dream to play back the time and repeat those moments of pain, of ache to break me. I want to explode. I want to burst out and forget but not the same. I want to be lost and find myself if only I can.

Can I be a dying star of my own? Can I also burst for once and look back no more?

Grotesque Scoundrel

Ugliness showed up on the mirror,
Possessing a frozen heart.
Cold blood don’t run,
A smell of putrid lurks.

As he was battling with his demons,
Phantasms killed a man.
Nowhere to run,
He’s no more alive. Emotionally dead.

Illness took his body,
A lost soul has no escape.
Nails became claws,
Giving trembles.

Deafening silence is playing,
Irking madness and despair.
He pierced his own reflection,
Not a corpse but an unwanted creature.

Shuffle Song Tag

What’s happening, World ?!
So Today we’re about to do another Tag and not just a Tag. This is something with additional twist, ’cause it includes an Amazing thing yes, music ! Who don’t love loud music there? I guess, nobody don’t listen at this thing. Right? Right.
I was tagged by Wamby and of course, I am much thankful to her. Go ahead, visit her blog and make no regrets after. This girl can change your mood instantly.
Let’s get started.

The Rules :

1. Hit shuffle play on any devices or apps that you listen to music on.

2. List the first ten songs that play.

3. Tag some people!

So I don’t have Premium Spotify Account ’cause I don’t have Credit Card to pay for it so let’s use Music App instead ha-ha. [ Wearing Earphones like what I always do every night ]

Tbh, I customized one playlist for this Tag because I want to listen at my faves. Yup! I already have 10 choices of songs and put ’em in only one playlist.
I’ll gooo now and play it and enjoy. Wait guys, wait.

1. Taylor Swift -All too well
2. Taylor Swift -Delicate
3. Taylor Swift -Dress
4. Dua Lipa ft. BlackPink – Kisses and Make-up
5. Dua Lipa – Electricity
6. Taylor Swift – Getaway Car
7. Taylor Swift -I did something bad
8. Taylor Swift -Last Kiss
9. Ariana Grande – Thank U, next
10. Taylor Swift -Treacherous

As y’all can see, there’s a lot of TS there, right? Ha-ha. Well, I know you guys know the reason why. My ears are almost deaf now ’cause I played ’em loud, to the max volume. Lmao.
So I think, I still need to discuss about that choices so let’s start now.

Track no. 1. All too well by TS from the Red Album.

🎢 Time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it
I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it
After plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own
Now you mail back my things and I walk home alone 🎢

– This song is really emotional. Trust me. This is the best from Red which is already 6 years from the industry now. The lyrics were written realistically which can always make the listener feel sad and cry when playing it especially at that bridge part.

Track no. 2. Delicate by TS from Reputation Album

🎢 This ain’t for the best
My reputation’s never been worse, so
You must like me for me 🎢

– Wow! I can’t believe that Reputation is already one year from it’s release last November 10, 2017 ! And delicate… I think it’s still on the rank! Maybe, It’s the best from Reputation and this is also my favorite.
This song is a love song. It’s about falling in love and confessing hidden feelings without any assurance of being loved back so it’s a bit painful. We all know how delicate it is to fall in love, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it?… Isn’t it? Delicate.

Track no. 3. Dress by TS from Reputation.

🎢 Say my name and everything just stops

I don’t want you like a best friend
Only bought this dress so you could take it off, take it off (ha, ha, ha) 🎢

-Okay so dress! Ha-ha. Know what? This song is a bit 18+ but not really. Dress is something if we will analyze it deeper. It’s really about finding a person who’s worthy and deserves time, attention, trust and most of all, love. I love the simplicity of this composition.

Track no. 4. Kisses and Make -Up by Dua Lipa ft. BlackPink

– Well, Dua Lipa and K-pop group named BlackPink. I’m not really listening to this song as their fan.
Dua Lipa is a dark Pop Singer and as far as I know she wrote the song and searched for someone to collab singing this. I’m into Pop and country as well, I think I just love the beat of it and it’s energetic yet have fiery characteristic. That’s it.

Track no. 5. Electricity by Dua Lipa.
– I’m not so sure about this song, okay? I guess, Dua Lipa only sung this but she wasn’t the one who wrote it. But I’m into this type of music so I really enjoy listening to it.

Track no. 6. Getaway Car by TS from Reputation

🎢 No, nothing good starts in a getaway car 🎢

– Getaway car is about running away from a rebound guy who you don’t really love and coming to the person that your heart really call for. Taylor Swift became so honest with her sixth album and it’s also her confession from past relationships she had.

Track no.7. I did something bad by TS from Reputation

🎢 And I’ll do it over and over again if I could.

It just felt so good, good raratatatatatatata πŸ€ 🎢

– For me, this song is just a matter of being wise in this world full of people with some playful intentions especially scoundrels. It’s about learning how to play and deal with ’em.

Track no. 8. Last kiss by TS from Speak Now album

🎢 And I hope the sun shines
And it’s a beautiful dayAnd something reminds you
You wish you had stayed
You can plan for a change in weather and time
But I never planned on you changing your mind 🎢

– Just another heartbreak song. This is so painful and this is what I’m always listening to when I know I want to cry but I have no tears falling. This is same to All Too Well, so realistic and dramatic narrative.

Track no. 9. Thank U, next by Ariana Grande

🎢 Thank u, next
Thank u, next
Thank u, next
I’m so fuckin’ grateful for my ex. 🎢

– Ariana Grande is also a Pop Singer , I love the way she sing though sometimes I can’t really clearly get her words, I mean the way she utter them. It’s a break-up song and Thank u, next was released after Pete Davidson broke up with her, the heck they were already engaged that time I guess ! How could it happen? In this song, she’s thanking 3 exes where she said one taught her love, one taught her patience, and one taught her pain. It’s not really tears at all. It’s more on self-care than dwelling on pain.

Track no. 10. Treacherous by ts from Red Album

🎢 This slope is treacherous. I, I, I like it. 🎢

– Treacherous is a song about having relationship with someone and this particular relationship might not work out so it’s also β€œ delicate ”. But then taking all the risks is the only choice so Treacherous.

This is so much fun! Isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it?
Well, of course you guys can’t answer YES without experiencing this so to allow you all to know how enjoyable this thing is, I tag you peeps!
To whoever reading this, I tag you so start searching now on spotify, or iMusic or On your playlists and stream your favorite songs on whatever genre you like.

Have you already listen to my choices? Which one of them you like best? Doing this tag? Drop all your comments down and let’s talk !

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To All the Teens Who Aspire to be Bloggers

Hello Amazing Peeps !
How are you guys doing?

So lately, I was just so engaged on watching videos on Youtube like DIYs, home decor ideas ’cause I love them. I also watched ideas on succulent plants ’cause yes, I just fell in love with them as well. I was watching Taylor Swift’s live Performances of All Too Well and Last Kiss, they are my two fave heartbreak songs and I was watching it with feelings, I was almost crying. No joke so believe me if you want and don’t if you don’t want to. Lmao.
Okay enough with that intros and let’s get started with the main point.

I was there ’cause I got free data for Youtube, I also searched for videos on how to start a blog, design a blog, and most of all on how to gain traffic. I know that I’m not anymore a newbie but still I took my time for that video to at least gain some new ideas, right?
Her discussion was really good and I think she has a popular website and it’s obvious. She has a lot of things to say, advices to give, and fresh recommendations. I got to go through the comment section and read about the thoughts of the viewers. I was so surprised with what other teens has said, they aspire to be bloggers but they drop a comment saying that they’re afraid about what other people might think of them if they start blogging and so I started to wonder why they said such things. They’re anxious about what their friends, family members, other people might say if they make their personal website. Really strange, don’t you guys think?

I need to share it with y’all, Yep. Not all people find blogging interesting. Not all people will visit your website and then read your content, sometimes they find it boring. I have this friend who thinks that blogging seems to be a work / activity full of tediousness and so I defended the community to her, I said that it’s only boring for people who are not into writing ’cause I blog and for me my website is such an essential asset that I can brag to ’em.
When I was just a newbie, I also decided to keep my blog as a secret. I didn’t wanted them to know about it or open it and read what I say there but I have no good reason though. I just said that I want my blog to be something, not because I am ashamed, but because I want them to find it out in surprise ’til my closest friends knew about it ’til all of my classmates knew that I’m a blogger so I started advertising and promoting it to them since last year. It’s like they were my supporters, if they do check it out.
Bloggers are rare, remember that. Yes, we are so aspirants shall really start blogging now especially if it’s a passion. Months ago, someone messaged me on Twitter, we’ve talked and have some Q & A portions about ourselves. It was on my bio that says β€œ Blogger ” and so she asked, she thought that I’m a YouTube Vlogger but I said that I’m not a video / content creator but a blogger as in website owner and she was impressed. She said that bloggers are rare now because teens / people are now more engaged on starting YouTube channels than writing on the net and I was just so happy and really grateful that time, she told me that she would read what I have on my space. At points, some people do appreciate us like this follower on Tumblr that I have, she thought that I hold two Tumblr blog but I explained that one is my original blog and I only use Tumblr as my platform. She visited it and then it turned out that she loved it. I also have this number one supporter from my family, my cousin who always make me feel appreciated. When I shared my blog and talked about it on facebook before, she saw it and commented. She messaged me on messenger and told me that she’s proud ’cause I also have it, she asked me and then I felt so thankful. She also have her blog so that’s why but I think it’s inactive and she don’t anymore post on it. Just visit it then ( here ) even though some written works there were written in Tagalog and Bicol ( Two languages from Ph.) .

As much as I can see, there’s no way to be afraid on starting out a blog. I mean, it’s something to be proud of and blogging community is an important part of the internet ’cause this community is one of the reasons why cyberspace is growing larger and better. We shouldn’t worry so much about other people and with their words that might attack anytime. They might only say a lot of bullshits but those toxicity won’t matter if we will never think a lot. Just try and explore ’cause at the very first side of it, you will blog for yourself and not for them. If you think you have this talent in you, then show it and let it spread by starting your personal website. Trust me, there are people out there who will appreciate you and no good things will happen if you won’t attempt and see. Good luck!

And just a recommendation, if you guys are interested then you can check out my last post here for some ideas on how to design a blog. Hope it’ll help.

Are there any reasons why some teens hesitate to start a blog? Did you also keep your blog as a secret before or until now? Have something to say why to start blogging? Drop your comments down on the section and let’s talk about it!

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Blog Updates : Aesthetics & Blog Designing Tutorial

Hello Lovely Peeps!
How are y’all doing?

I’m just super excited about this blog post guys. This is something that I really really want to share with you all. Well if you haven’t checked on my blog (On the main site), I hope you can still check it out ’cause I recently changed my blog design. And I’m just deeply in love with it !

As you guys all know, this blog is my second blog and it’s the active one, I’m already three months with it. I worked so hard inside that three months, Specifically I let my number of followers grow, I mean my traffic and It’s apparent how worthy my efforts are. To tell it, I’m really into designing but I struggle when it comes to enhancing the look of my blog so when I started I decided to focus with my content than with my design and I think it was also a good idea. Though it’s still better if we have the content plus the style of the blog. Blog graphics are also important ’cause it make the readers or the visitors feel welcome and comfortable as they scroll with posts, It can keep them coming back and so contributing on the statistics.

Before, it’s only the plain theme that makes my blog look beautiful at least, I was having no idea how to make it a bit better so I was really envious with other bloggers who has gorgeous blogs. I am so obsessed ’cause I think they’re too idealistic to make such fancies and they have a lot of time to put something in their own websites and make it look more good. I was searching for watercolour ideas on Pinterest not just once, twice or thrice but a lot of times but I couldn’t find such ideas that would match my target final outcome for my blog. Till I had a lot of time to invest searching on Pinterest again, I searched for the same thing which is that watercolour backgrounds ’cause I just love it and accidentally, I found images that are not watercolours but simple and cute and I just fell in love with ’em, they caught me. I continued browsing ’til I gathered such lovely backgrounds. It’s a pen and paper and so I used ’em for my designing process and bringing my space to the next level. Yup. The design theme suits me ’cause I see that it’s for a Writer and my contents are writings so yes, I made it.

If some of you thinks that this blog post is already done then not yet, not so fast. I will give you a short designing tutorial and I hope you guys can use it and gain some knowledge on how to improve your blogs.
I experienced having hardships on it so I want to send some help to those bloggers who also crave for some changes.

Let’s start. Shall we?
Let’s count the steps one by one.

1. Pick a WordPress theme.
– This is one of the most important stage in setting up a blog. Your WordPress Theme should something that can carry your content. Not all bloggers blog about the same thing/s, we are diversified here. If you’re a writer, lifestyle blogger, photographer, you should know which blog theme will suit you. It must be something that you feel comfortable with.

2. Decide for your designing theme.
– This includes your likes and fashion. Here, you can freely pick or choose if your site will be girly or what, if it’s more on florals or not, name it. So me, I’m using the theme pen and paper ’cause I’m into writings so yes, feel free to choose yours.

3. Use Pinterest for searching photos.
– This is optional. You can also use google like what I do before but honestly, I noticed that some photos on google aren’t in high quality so the color and opacity decreases. Pinterest has a lot of users who upload high quality pictures and there you can get a lot of ideas for your backgrounds and graphic materials.

4. Picsart.
– This is an application for editing photos. I only use this app to add another photo on a photo. Well, if you guys also know some other editing applications, you can also use them. You’re the Boss!

5. Use AppForType for putting texts on backgrounds.
– Yep! This is the application I use for texts. I use this to transfer my quotes, poems, and other written pieces on pics. This application is really cool, I just downloaded it maybe month ago.
It has a lot of beautiful fonts and they’re highly available. I love fonts!

If you guys can observe, blog designing is more on using photos. Yes it is. It is more on theme, fonts, and colors ’cause they’re the life-giver for the plain blogs – like mine before.

So that’s it, I hope I motivated you people to bring your blogs to new changes as well especially the newbies out there who don’t yet know how to start.

Just a preview :

One thing I’m really sure starting from now, I’ll be more active on enhancing my blog and I’ll think of more and more ways to make it fancy.
Now, I know that you’re all reading this post of mine at your reader section and now, if you want to see my whole site, click and check it here!

How’s my new blog style? Are you going through new changes as well? Did you get any answers and fresh ideas? Drop your comments down and let’s talk!

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