Graphics Tutorial | Bullet Journal Front-pagers

Hey Lovely Peeps! How are y’all doing?

*It is one of my goals to have my own Bullet Journal before college or when I’m in college. This time, I’m not yet thinking of getting one but maybe next year or so, I’ll avail thick kind.

Well, base from what I see from people who loves journaling, and from my knowledge also, Bullet Journaling isn’t just about writing stuffs on pages- it also requires one bit of creativity. It needs ingenuity with the help of art materials such as pens, colored pencils, and /or highlighters like Stabilo Boss (original). Your Bullet Journal should be lively and that’ll be possible if you’re artistic enough, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be filling it with designs – even simple graphics will do (#take_note that BuJo focuses on the things written and not majorly on the drawings.)

So today, I’m making this post to serve you guys some pieces of ideas how to put life on your notes. This will be fun.😁

Β° Simple Graphics

Vines– This is the simplest yet the most elegant design for me. It’s neat to see since it only used touch of dark green highlight.

Social Media Geek– This one is suited to people who loves social-media a looot (like me).

Balloons– It is quite minimalist. Really simple but if you want to make it look more fancier, you can add more touch of balloons and use other dark or light colors.

Β° Elegant Graphics

Eiffel Tower– Eiffel Tower is always a good idea. I decided to put it on one of my graphics.

Sunflower– It used only one color which is the high Yellow. It is suitable for people who loves florals especially Sunflower 🌻 🌻 🌻 .

For me, it’s elegant looking and I love how it reflects sunshiny day.

Moon and Stars– I love how this Moon and Stars idea tuned into galactic page. I think it’s cute that they look like hanging.

Bookish chapter– If y’all can see, it’s also the counterpart of Moon and Stars Theme, it’s just that this design used books and succulents on the bottom part of the paper.

Β° Colorful Graphics

Watermelon and strawberry aka Fruity page– Aesthetics like this are also available on Pinterest. Trust me, you can see a lot of pictures like this on the website ( it’s searchable & downloadable).

I love this one because it’s really alive and colorful to see though I just used four palettes.

Coffee and Donuts– The type of design is just the same with Fruity Page but it just used coffee and donuts as the theme subject so it’s also a bit different to see.

Β° Cute

Cat and Cupcakes– I honestly had a hard time making this BuJo graphic. I honestly am not really good with drawing unlike before. I already quit being an artist before I turned High School. πŸ˜‚ Cats are Cute so I decided to make a design using it’s face.

Well, that’s it y’all guys! I hope you got some new and fresh ideas. And if you’re starting out your own bullet journal, you can use any of the simple designs I made.

Remember that it doesn’t matter if you want to use graphics of your own. The simpler- the neater, the neater- the better. πŸ˜‰πŸŒ·

Do you have your own Bullet Journal? Got some ideas? Which theme design do you like best?

Tell me your thoughts on the comment section and let’s talk! πŸ‰πŸŒΊ

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Light-years before the Stars

Staring on my open window,
I watch the Sun leaving the beautiful sky.
Other stars abide to shine,
I don’t wanna be blind.

Right here in the world of mine,
Chances are impossible to find.
There’s nothing but empty dreams,
You’ll never hear any of my heart’s scream.

Or maybe you’re from other universe,
Created not to meet me.
You’re seen from afar,
We are only astray- not meant.

Among other Stars,
You are the only visible on my vision.
Others are dying,
Yet you keep on shining.

But like any other Stars,
You are far.
Maybe I’m not part of the constellation where you are,
Maybe your heart isn’t just mine.

One day you will go away,
Fade away from the sky.
One day I will open my eyes,
As if waking up on a cloudy day- my little hopes die.

Summer Book Haul Β° Library Ideas | Hello April 2019

Before April came, I go to the city bookstore to avail new books since I was done reading All the Bright Places and Holding up The Universe which are both written by Jennifer Niven. I don’t want my summer to be boring and most of all, I don’t want to be just sitting around and doing nothing.

I was planning to buy Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (Trust me, I’m just obsess with this book and not to mention how many times I already talked about it here in my blog 😫😭). Not so fortunate, it was already out of stock and I just hate it, I wasn’t able to get a copy for my library. However, I got three bestselling books from three bestselling Authors and I just love my new discovery.

This post is to give y’all the preview of the books I availed. I am making a haul and I don’t want to make this introduction lengthy anymore. Why not to start? πŸ˜ƒ

πŸ“– The Sun is also a Star – Nicola Yoon

This is the new discovery I’m telling you all about. Nicola Yoon is my new discovery. I’m going to tell that I’m done reading this book she wrote. Maybe I took one week finishing it. It’s a good read too and I just love the chemistry of the characters. I also want to read other of her books titled β€œ Everything, Everything ” – a book which smells like tragic story – something I’ll love 😍.

I bought it for 383 Pesos so it can range up to $ 7 (if in dollars) but the original price is 479 pesos. It was only bought in cheaper price because I came at the bookstore and they are on-sale by chance.

The book is about two people of different beliefs. It’s about Science, love, fate, and universe. It’s about finding a person but being unable to be with him/her and again, being able to be with him/her by the help of destiny.

πŸ“– Turtles all the Way Down – John Green

The name John Green is not anymore new to the bookish people out there. He wrote bestselling books but what I want is β€œthe fault in our stars” which is not yet in my library since again, it’s not available on the city bookstore. Ha-ha?

Turtles all the way down is one of his masterpieces, and now I have it. I’m not yet opening the book since I only finished Sun is also a Star. TATWD is also a new york times bestseller so I’m quite excited what the flow of the story and the whole novel will be like.

I bought it for 359 pesos so again ranges to $ 7 but that’s not the original price, the real value is 449 pesos. I’m thankful to National Book Store, but I just hope they have more stock of books. πŸ˜” Please, I want The fault in our stars and Fangirl. 😭

πŸ“– Leah on the Offbeat – Becky Albertalli

Aside from Jennifer Niven, Becky Albertalli is also an interactive writer to her readers. Both of them liked my comment on their Instagram posts and I so appreciate them for the time they spend to visit the thoughts of their fans.

Becky Albertalli, from what I see on her books, she’s a supporter of the LGBT community. Leah on the offbeat is one of that books too, Leah is a bisexual in the story. LOTO is the next thing I’ll be reading, I’m curious about Becky’s Style of writing so we’ll see.

I bought it for only 183.50 pesos since it is 80% off, unlike TSIAAS and TATWD, they’re just 20% off because they’re new books. The original price of leah on the offbeat is 459 pesos. So yes, I’m a lucky bookworm to receive price-off from the bookstore. 😍

If you people can notice, my books are all paperback. Except for the fact that hardcovered books are quite expensive, not all the novels I want have hardcovered edition, so I’d rather buy the least expensive type. At least, they have the same content.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I also hope, I gave you ideas about the books you can buy for your library. I think, making hauls is fun and it’s something I’ll be doing again once I got new books for my lil’ room library. There honestly are a lot of Teen Fiction novels I still want to avail. I hope I can get copies of them as soon as possible.

Have you read The Sun is Also a Star? If yes, what are your thoughts about it? You also love Jennifer Niven’s Book? If yes, well, we can have nice things. Did you get any idea for your library? Or do you already have them on your library?

Drop all your comments and let’s talk about ’em on the section. πŸ˜‰πŸ’žπŸ“

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School Year Ends | What’s Up and What’s New ?

Hey! What’s up y’all lovely people?

It’s been a long while since I published my last blog post. Looking back, it was on March 27, and now’s April already. I’ve been really shutting down my life online. But the truth is, I was out of words at those times I was missing here in the blogosphere. πŸ˜‚ I don’t know, those were the days I feel like I can’t write and I feel like I’m not-into-writing mood. I honestly dunno, sometimes I would grab pen and paper and I would also keep them empty after. Maybe I was just out of inspiration that moments, I was hollowed for days but not as hollowed as empty and as trapped in sadness again. It’s kind of different like out of words and writer’s block feeling. But I’m now making pieces again, and will publish them soon.

Anyway, what’s important is I’m back again and here I am to talk about the things happening in my life right now. As I’ve said and as you guys can see on your calendar/s, it’s already April and that simply means that the school year is pretty over. At last, I can now breathe and take a break from every single matter regarding school.

I finished My grade-11 year already, and I really can’t wait to be grade-12 next year. That will be the last year I’m going to take before entering college so I should exert more efforts, better than what I did this year. Luckily, I made it to the list of honor students, and I am really grateful for that. Yaayy!

There’s apparently none much events existing in my boring life in the moment, so to make this post, I was really looking even for the smallest things I have right now. Even for the smallest things…but honestly, for me they’re big enough to be shared. Well, I don’t know if it’s big for you peeps, too.

Β° I finished Reading ‘Holding Up The Universe’ by Jennifer Niven

– Holding up the universe is the book I kept for months- as in KEPT WITHOUT READING. I wasn’t able to read the book as soon as I availed it since I was trapped with school works, I wasn’t able to flip the pages since I was really busy.

I can’t believe how I would love the narrative. Maybe, I love it more than I love All the Bright Places. It’s really the type of β€œ Good read ” book, the flow of the story is really beautiful, and you’ll surely fall in love with the two characters – Libby Strout and Jack Masselin 😍.

This is not a tragic novel, this is a story of life, love, acceptance and self-acceptance, and truthfulness. It’s about seeing a person for who and what he/she is and being seen back too. I highly recommend it to y’all. And I’m sure, you guys will enjoy it the way I did.

Β° Got more books

– Before the school year ended, I brought myself to the city. There I bought 3 new books and I was so lucky because they were on sale when I purchased so the prices are cheaper. I go there alone, it was awkward especially when I was eating alone at my favorite fast-food restaurant -Jollibee πŸ˜‚ 😍.

Unfortunately, Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl – my new bookish obsession, was already out of their stock and I just hate it. However, I got three Bestselling books from bestselling authors. I’m going to make a haul post for my new books. Sooner. Watch out!

Here they are :

1. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon.

2. Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli

3. Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

Β° Instagram Feed

– If you’re on my Followers list on Instagram, maybe you already saw my new IG theme. It’s really my goal to make a beautiful Feed but I do struggle. I hope it’s looking good to some people ’cause for me, it’s not yet enough for my satisfaction. Ha-ha.

I’m planning to make a blog post on how to achieve a beautiful Instagram feed. But I’m not sure yet, maybe I’ll just post one in case.

Β° New graphics for Blog Posts

– yEs ppl! I took notice that the graphics for my blog posts are pretty old yet. And boring because of it’s shabbiness. Honestly, they were created last 2018 and now’s already 2019 and it’s vacation, so I could make time to put out my creativity again. It would always be exciting creating them and I hope, you guys are satisfied with how it looks like. πŸ˜›πŸ˜

This vacation, I want to spend lesser time with social media. I already announced it on my Twitter that I want break from my online life – Twitter itself, Instagram, and even with the blog. Maybe I’ll just focus with my books for a while, and the best thing to do while offline is to make writings. There’s nothing to worry about because if there’s something I can post here on the blog, I will still update them but I can’t promise to be active more often. I just really want pause πŸ˜‰.

Have you read Holding Up The Universe book already? Who’s your favorite Author? Is your instagram feed your goal too? How’s my new graphics?

Drop down all your thoughts and let’s talk on the comment section. 🌷

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Every Piece of You

Sunset after minutes,
I listen to my broken playlist.
I realize how lost you were when I found you,
You’ll never love again.

I remember the first day of the first month,
The first day when I gave my own a second chance.
I found everything,
Ran away from the poison rain.

Behind you is a star-crossed soul,
Unclear to be read.
You are a twisted book,
Narrative under a shattered sky.

Dead wind and hollow music,
You are an empty universe.
You are standing tall in my mind.
It’s every missing piece of you, I got to find.

T. Space Diary | Sleepless Weeks Before Vacation ( whuutt? )

Peeps! Peeps! Peeps! I’m glad I’m finally back on the blog! 🌷🌷🌷

*breathing heavily *

β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’
I can’t deny that I shut my social media life down for a while. For week maybe, I tried not to open any of my social media accounts- Instagram, Twitter, and T. Space website. I can tell y’all how busy my life was and until now it is busy but at least, the things I need to fix are lighter this time. I’ve gone through a lot- there were numerous requirements to be submitted on school before the grading period ends. It was indeed frustrating and I can’t say it’s not. I managed somehow.

If you guys will ask me, I’ll tell you how inadequate my sleep is (pls. I need more hours of sleep). Sleeping is my favorite thing but it’s getting away from me tbh. There was a lot of paper works to make so every night, it’s like sacrificing what I love doing for grades- idling. Omg! I feel like I’m genius for that. πŸ˜‚ Not really.
It’s a good thing there’s My Pualy to sing for me during that late nights, so I don’t get bored. πŸ’žπŸ’ž

*OMG! My heart is beating fast πŸ’“*

This week was kinda hell- I got to go on a Job Interview and take a guess, It was Mary who interviewed me because my Teacher told me to go to her. Lol. I wasn’t really confident with my answers. I was in rush. Anyway, I need to move on. After the Interview I had, I headed to the defense room to present our Research paper I made for countless nights. How couldn’t I be thankful? I can’t quite still forget it. Like those pleasing words from the Panels, the admiration towards our presentation, and of course, the compliment I received from my Research Teacher I never expected. Seeing them clapping their hands is everything. It was just remarkable and my heart is still in celebration till now. 🌼β™₯

There are still two weeks before the recognition and that means, all the honor students will be awarded and recognized of course. πŸ˜‚ I’m not damn sure if I’ll be one of those students. Not if not, yes if yes – whatever happens, happens. That’s me.

This upcoming week, I still have requirements to submit and I will bake something for Bread and Pastry class. So maybe tomorrow, I need to go to the market and buy the needed Ingredients, prepare all the remaining paper works so I’m already done before Week 2.
I just really hope, this school year will be over so I’ll be able to go to the city book store and buy new books πŸ“š (especially Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl 😍) I think, I can relate with that Narrative.

By the way, I remember the pingback I received weeks ago. It was a nomination for Versatile Blogger Award but when I was trying to click the blog where the nomination is in, it was already gone. The owner changed the website address I guess so even WordPress can’t anymore find it, and I feel sorry about that. 😟
But I’m still thankful for the appreciation this blogger expressed towards me. πŸ™‚

Ha-ha! I finally got a plant for my room which is actually a grass. Lol. I just wish it was Succulent ’cause I love succulents but there were no succulents around so it’s not a succulent. (twisted shit)

I just saw this Grass outside our home and somewhat, it’s beautiful so I planted it to add some touch of nature inside my room. I’m still planning for DIY decorations like a mini board where I can post all my to-dos. I want to put there lights ( I mean, the one which is similar to Christmas Light) but I’ll delay that for now. Maybe soon.

You also struggle with schooling right now? What are your ways to lessen your stress? Have you read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell already?

Drop all your lovely comments and let’s talk!

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Dear LA,

You’ve been this guy who made me smile every single day, like when I wake up, or before I close my eyes to fall asleep, you were everything in me. You brought life to my life, it’s like you colored it with iridescence and I found my happiness in you. But when I was in the middle of falling in love, I realized how hard it is to give my feelings to someone who would not love me back, I realized that I’m just nobody for you, I don’t deserve your attention. I was too broken, I was shattering and there were these faults in my heart appeared because of wanting something so much, because of dreaming a lot. It was me, it was all because of me.

I can still remember those moments when I was so messed-up, when I was so sick of all the heartbreak music I listen to. Like everytime I play ’em, my mind run with the thoughts of you, I was drowning, I wasn’t able to breathe and even if I wanted to, I was always reminded that inside me is a devastated person. Inside me is a secret, an untold story of someone wishing for the stars, hoping for hopes. I never wanted to be such human being, I never did.

Acceptance, that was all I needed, and that’s what I didn’t give to myself. I broke my own, I was too eager, as if my feelings for you would not go away. Well, at least it faded away.
I can recall last February 9th, 2019- ’twas your birthday, I greeted you. I thought you would respond as you promised but you didn’t and it was just alright, I just again tore my stupid little heart. I guess, I don’t deserve you or maybe, you don’t deserve me.
It’s now a questions for me-
How could I just love and keep someone so hard? How could I just spend so much time? Maybe the answers will not come so fast but maybe sooner or later, I’ll be able to know.

To tell it, I’m having no regrets. I’m not as pathetic as anyone can say. After all, falling in love is treacherous and being hurt is part of the process.

– weary fangirl, x

Confession of a Coffee Lover | Aesthetic Post

Eight reasons why I love coffee :

β˜• I can’t start a day without it and can’t end the day without it too.

It’s just a bliss when you know you wake up for something and when you know you’ll end a day with something too. I think, I’m one of those people shaded with felicity ’cause I don’t need someone to love me for as long as I have my own cup of coffee.

β˜• Not too Sweet and not too bitter.

I think in every relationship, too much sweetness can be boring. Well, my relationship with Coffee is never boring ’cause it’s sweet but with bitterness- mixed seriousness.

β˜• It keeps me awake in times I don’t yet want to sleep.

There are nights filled with moments I want to linger, there are nights I don’t want to end. I really can treasure such rare times, I can stay up late with my fave beverage. I linger my remarkable late nights through coffee which will never be tired staying strong with me.

β˜• Keeps me warm especially during cold nights.

I might be frozen on a cold darkness. I might lose my pink blanket. I might not have someone to hug me but something has to always keep me warm. Yep, My cup of coffee. It’s taste of sweetness and twist of bitterness coat me with warmth to keep me away from dead breeze.

β˜• Don’t ask for gifts nor demands.

You’ll get yourself in a relationship just to waste money. Well, get yourself a cup of coffee and put yourself in a relationship with it. I swear, you won’t need to exhaust your money for gifts or any demands.

β˜• Takes me away from deep sadness and depression.

I’m super prone with sadness- until I found something to take me away from it. My clouds turned to sunshine, I was saved.

β˜• It don’t leave whether through good and bad times.

No matter how many unwanted mistakes I do, coffee will be there to put me at ease anytime I needed to be on ease. I can be the worst yet I also get better by time, and I’m pretty sure, my fave beverage will always accept me and my flaws.

β˜• It don’t and it won’t make me cry.

Crying is not awful but it’s gross to always cry over someone. I don’t wanna be miserable just because someone left me with so much pain. So I prefer coffee, at least I’m certain that it won’t leave to make me scatter tears. Never.

You must start to love coffee as well.

avid drinker

Path, Universe, You

Apocalypse- a word too lunatic to hear. I grew up not believing on sad endings, I grew up not looking at the darker shade of life. I never believed on foolish creatures either. I was walking through the side of happiness, I kept on pursuing what I see and getting them afterwards. Those old days are the reminder how I held hard on baloney, I thought happiness and infinity always await but they also fade away, they also run and hide themselves sometimes. I was blandished by my own.

Stories can fool and trick the characters, there are narrative made to crush bones, there are pages attached only for mess, only for tragedy and wounds and breaking chapters and whirlpool of emotions. I don’t know if I’m one of such characters- I hope not but am I played by my fate?
I realized, it’s not about getting what you want or reaching the unreachables. Sometimes, little sunshine is enough, there should be rain before darkness but worst- it was both darkness and rain which happened.
I now believe with apocalypse, apocalypse was when you came in, ’twas when you rustle my heart. It was starry before you enter the story I was writing for myself but now, it’s nothing, because even the Moon left me. You too brought heavy clouds to cover it all.

You were a destructive disaster. And here I am, lying and staring at my empty sky. This time, I linger those first moments- looking back at your very first picture in my head, thinking of the deadliest thoughts truly alive until now, to the very first letter of your name I carved on my heart. They are now the kaleidoscope of my mind. I was made for tragic endings.

We better say goodbye. And if we’re truly meant to be, if we’re in one constellation, as long as we are both standing and breathing, fate will make it’s way once more.
If my whole existence will be bewitched, I will walk the same path to search for the same missing universe once exploded- with painted new stars and new Moon. I will create another story with our names as the characters but for the second chance, with built-in infinity. I will chase the universe where you are, where I shall meet you again, the universe without my broken what-ifs and maybes from the bitter yesterday I had.