How to Maintain Stable Mental Health in an Environment Full of Negativity

Well, currently there’s a lot of things happening in the World, and honestly, it’s not healthy for us all. Especially to those who struggle with their mental health.

Due to everything going on, it’s hard being positive, but there we are trying.
So today’s post, will give you tips how to maintain stable mental health in year 2020

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Tidy Room

-tidying room isn’t just making your resting place organize, it honestly can be a form of ritual. When you tidy your room- you arrange your bed, you arrange your things, you see that it’s clean, Your thought becomes clearer. You get this lighter feeling, and it really sinks to you that you have a well-organized life. It’s like you removed all the mess in your thought, as you did it with your room.

Get Sun

– Getting sun and connecting with Nature is the best way to release all the stress and tension that you carry. This process allows you to breathe, and see the light.


– Journaling helps you let go all the negativity in you. It helps you to stop bottling emotions, rants, circling thoughts, or any weight. When you write in a form like you’re talking to someone, you acknowledge yourself and you prevent yourself from keeping it alone.

Always Rehydrate Yourself

-Rehydrating yourself is a must. It gives you the energy + enables your brain to work.
The water needed by a person depends on his/her weight and level of activity. If you’re struggling to rehydrate yourself with the right amount of water, I recommend the application ‘Plant Nanny’, it’s a fun and exciting way to keep your drinking schedule on track.

Have break from social media/or maybe even from Television

– I’m gonna be candid, but Social media today is just full of both negative and sugarcoated things. Same way with Television, it brings awareness but all we hear are accidents, negative deeds, et cetera.
– taking break from both things, will bring you escape away from boosters of your anxiety or other mental struggle.

Turn your time into a creative process

– Paint, Write poems /prose, sew, photograph, whatever, just create.
– Doing something fun where you find enjoyment + comfort + peace, will surely bring you so much positivity. Recharge through your comfort activity.


-Meditating allows your head to focus, it recharges your thoughts. It allows your mind to escape through silence.
-i recommend the application called ‘Tide’ , it’s a great application for Meditation. It contains soundtracks which you can use to calm and focus.

Do some self care

– Self-Care is everything which arouses pleasure. Reading, watching your favorite film, skin care, warm bath, make up, coffee, eating, taking pictures of yourself.
– it is anything which can be considered a reward.

How’s your Mental Health at this Moment? Was this post helpful? Got new ideas how to maintain your Mental Health stability?

Comment your thoughts, so. We can chat!

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Appreciation & Realisation

June 18th was so Happy!
Because it was my day. But honestly, growing up I never saw birthday as something special. I’d just wake up, and my mom would greet me, singing happy birthday of course. And I just have this gratefulness within me. And it’s just a normal day.
I’m not a dramatic person I swear, but I’m the kind of person who tries to appreciate everything as much as I can.

I had this fear of growing up, of becoming older because I think I want to be an overachiever kind of person. That’s why I keep of working on everything that I can at the moment.
I was anxious because being 18 means getting a lot of responsibilities, it means going to college, it’s the phase of saying goodbye being a teenager.

I want to accomplish great things, but as of now, I’m just a typical person who can stay on his own room.
My family trained me to always pray whenever it’s my birthday. I never got the point of celebrating it because it only means growing older. But now I know, it’s a chance given by God. To live another year and fulfill your heart with so much happiness. To achieve things that you want. To be with the people you love. And accomplish an uncertain purpose.

And so I prayed, and I am truly grateful.
I think it’s time that I just leave it all to God. I said to him I’ll just do what I can, and work on things I think I need to work on. If I get great outcomes, then I’d be on my greatest feeling of gratitude. And if I won’t, I know that something extraordinary has to come.

So I guess, I’ll just stay. Whatever happens, I should be here. Staying with people who believe in me. Living through the Guidance of God. Fulfilling my heart, and chasing what life has to offer.

You can expect me to be the same person, staying on social media for good, posting on my blog, campaigning my advocacies.
And as long as you want me to be with you, I’ll stick around with you. I hope that you’ll do the same.

I’d also like to say thank you to everyone who made me special on my 18th.
Those who messaged me, posted on their instagram story, commented on my post as they greeted me.
To my loving family members, my blog frennies who gave me ease and relief about growing up and gave me the advice that I needed.

Thank you so much!
You guys are my rays of sunshine.

I got a lot of Realisations, and it was the most heartwarming day! I guarantee.

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How to Make the Best Out of Your Day? || Productivity Tips Blog

Productivity is a challenge for almost all of us. Especially that we are surrounded by technology, so we often take our time for it rather than doing something useful and creative. Productivity is twin of the word “positivity”, when you’re making purpose out of your day, you get this good mood which enables you to be mentally stable.

Today, I’m gonna be sharing with you some productivity tips which I use and I deem are effective for me. ⤵

♡ Plan your day ahead.

Planning your day is the most efficient and fastest way to make the best out of your day. Planning doesn’t have to take long time, you can plan at night before you sleep. When you have everything listed and organised, and sequenced, you save a lot of time because planning doesn’t anymore require you to remember or decide what you have to do when you’re already working.

♡ use journal or note for listing the sequence of your activity.

When you list what you have to do during the day, you don’t get lose on track. A journal or a note application are your buddies if you’re the type of person who’s prone to forgetting.

♡ Make sure to eat meals.

You can’t just work if you’re starving. Right?

♡ Make sure to rehydrate and rehydrate yourself as you work.

Rehydrating is very important. As you work, you can be drained or exhausted. Water is your fuel, it will surely give you energy to keep moving.

♡ Do not waste Leisure.

Being productive doesn’t mean you’re too occupied at all. Sometimes you get this free time wherein you can just lie on your bed or sit in the couch. This leisure has the tendency to be wasted, so rather than facing your phone again, you can focus on doing something you enjoy (such as reading, writing, painting, watching informative news or shows) or better, use your leisure to improve or discover new set of skills. Make sure that what you do during this period is something that you love, because when you do what you love and is in your interest, you get this good mood. And that good mood is equated to resting.

♡ But also, take time to breathe.

Breathing, this is your total rest. For some minutes, you can take nap, or face your phone again. Probably, just upload something on instagram first, or tweet. Or something, but be careful not to take so much time for it.

♡ Reward yourself after everything.

Rewarding yourself after your accomplishments is very important, this has to be always there. This keeps you motivated when you work. After everything, eat your comfort food, listen to music, have a long bath, do some skin care routine. Rewards should be fun and positive.

I hope that this post will help whoever reads. But just a friendly reminder to everyone, you don’t have to be productive all the time. Sometimes you get this mood wherein you feel like not working but That’s okay. Being unproductive isn’t something to be guilty about.

Do you love being productive? What are your productivity strategies? Did you find this post helpful?

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Universe and Hope

No matter how far I am from you

And the world seems to be a place of shattered dreams,

We are two weary stars shining still.

I will never kill this hope again.

I look up in the middle of sleepless nights,

Knowing you also see the same Moon.

I open the window pane to welcome the sunshine,

Knowing the Sun greets you too.

It only takes a single feeling,

And thousand moments to create in head.

I think of you with the afternoon breeze,

And then I’m home.

How does Instagram help me improve myself & how it can help you too

* The title of this post could be the longest that I ever had. But I think, this will be a really cool discussion about Instagram and self-improvement. *

Hey gorgeous people! Probably All of you have your instagram accounts, where you, of course, share your photos – aesthetics, selfies, photographs, whatever. I just kind of realized that a lot of us love managing our feed, posting, and sharing, and connecting. Instagram can indeed help us improve ourselves, especially when we use it correctly.

At this very moment, I’m going to share with you how my gram help me make myself better. And at the same time, how it can possibly help you too.

° ° ° ° ° °

💛 Building my Confidence more

If you’re following me on IG, you probably see me posting my face ( and my face isn’t perfect because it has acne and scars ). Through sharing, I am able to showcase the real me without any shame, because it’s me and I must be proud of it.

Some people are hesitant of sharing their faces online because they’re threatened with how others will react on it, that hesitation is completely Wrong. You should know that you deserve to be seen for you, and it’s your feed. It’s important to build that confidence, build you.

💛 Encourages Positivity

Positivity becomes possible when you follow the right people. Your following list can Either make good vibe happen or not. As I scroll through my feed ( and since I follow positive people of same niches or interests ), I feel so inspired by their posts. I see them smiling, they’re using happy and inspirational captions, and thus, giving impact on me and to how I feel.

💛 Introduces me to more people

This has to be the coolest thing about social media, it introduces and brings us closer to other people even with the ones living on other countries. If I’m going to treasure something from Instagram, that’s the friendship I find with others. And that friendship is indeed similar with what I have with y’all.

💛 Encourages my creativity

Instagram teaches me how to be creative. Specifically, in taking pictures, editing them, and with how I arrange them on my feed.

Preparing instagram is pretty cool, it can also be an art and I think, everyone must engage on the creative process because it’s fun.

💛 Helps me to inspire and advocate

Through posting, I am able to inspire and share positivity with others. Sometimes, your simple photos and your words can impact people positively.

Instagram isn’t only about photographs, or pictures, you can also share your thoughts, you can also support and advocate there. All you have to do is to play with your captions.

° ° ° ° ° °

And that Is how Instagram help me with self-improvement. I think, of all the socials that I have, my gram has to be my number one fave.

But i just want to tell you all that Insta can really be helpful, but it can also turn to something negative if you will abuse and misuse it. Let me remind you all that appreciating your own life and yourself despite of what other people have is the best thing that you can do today. It’s okay to engage online but never forget that real life is always still greater.

You are enough, and you have nothing to be envious about.

🔔 “you’re you and that is your superpower

• • • • • •
And by the way peeps, I’d like you to be informed that I deleted all of my social media accounts and created new ones as part of my reorganization plan. I just felt as if my accounts weren’t so organized at all and they became a burden to me which I hated. I want a place where i can feel comfort and where I can post anything anytime without no self-compulsion. I swear I’m sure I made the best decision. Annnd If you’d like to follow and reconnect with me, the links are below this blog post. :)) xo.

Are you using instagram? Who’s your fave grammer? In what way does instagram improve you?

Comment down your thoughts and let’s have some coffee and talk! ☕

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