How to Maintain Stable Mental Health in an Environment Full of Negativity

Well, currently there’s a lot of things happening in the World, and honestly, it’s not healthy for us all. Especially to those who struggle with their mental health.

Due to everything going on, it’s hard being positive, but there we are trying.
So today’s post, will give you tips how to maintain stable mental health in year 2020

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Tidy Room

-tidying room isn’t just making your resting place organize, it honestly can be a form of ritual. When you tidy your room- you arrange your bed, you arrange your things, you see that it’s clean, Your thought becomes clearer. You get this lighter feeling, and it really sinks to you that you have a well-organized life. It’s like you removed all the mess in your thought, as you did it with your room.

Get Sun

– Getting sun and connecting with Nature is the best way to release all the stress and tension that you carry. This process allows you to breathe, and see the light.


– Journaling helps you let go all the negativity in you. It helps you to stop bottling emotions, rants, circling thoughts, or any weight. When you write in a form like you’re talking to someone, you acknowledge yourself and you prevent yourself from keeping it alone.

Always Rehydrate Yourself

-Rehydrating yourself is a must. It gives you the energy + enables your brain to work.
The water needed by a person depends on his/her weight and level of activity. If you’re struggling to rehydrate yourself with the right amount of water, I recommend the application ‘Plant Nanny’, it’s a fun and exciting way to keep your drinking schedule on track.

Have break from social media/or maybe even from Television

– I’m gonna be candid, but Social media today is just full of both negative and sugarcoated things. Same way with Television, it brings awareness but all we hear are accidents, negative deeds, et cetera.
– taking break from both things, will bring you escape away from boosters of your anxiety or other mental struggle.

Turn your time into a creative process

– Paint, Write poems /prose, sew, photograph, whatever, just create.
– Doing something fun where you find enjoyment + comfort + peace, will surely bring you so much positivity. Recharge through your comfort activity.


-Meditating allows your head to focus, it recharges your thoughts. It allows your mind to escape through silence.
-i recommend the application called ‘Tide’ , it’s a great application for Meditation. It contains soundtracks which you can use to calm and focus.

Do some self care

– Self-Care is everything which arouses pleasure. Reading, watching your favorite film, skin care, warm bath, make up, coffee, eating, taking pictures of yourself.
– it is anything which can be considered a reward.

How’s your Mental Health at this Moment? Was this post helpful? Got new ideas how to maintain your Mental Health stability?

Comment your thoughts, so. We can chat!

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Here’s the Truth About Productivity // What to Do When You’re Unproductive?

You wake up at 6:00 AM, expecting yourself to be as motivated as you want to be. But as soon as you finished drinking your half-filled cup of coffee, you don’t anymore know where to begin, or what to do to be productive. Suddenly, you lose your inspiration to work, and you just want to get back to bed and sleep again.

And at 5:00 PM, you’re all exhausted even if you’ve done nothing, and you know you did almost nothing. Your friends told you what they did the entire day : they worked out, baked cookies, tidied their room, organized their closet, and gone for a walk. You feel guilty, and wish you felt inspire to work in the beginning of the day.

That is the common scenarios happening when we all battle with Productivity. We want to do every single thing in one day, but feeling like not moving.

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But do we really have to be working every minute? every hour? Every day?
So right now, here’s the truth about productivity :

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° It isn’t Consistent

Your motivation to be productive isn’t consistent. The above scenario explains this one. Sometimes, there are days that you wake up totally determined to work and smash your to-do list. But there also are days when all you want to do is to lay on bed, stare on walls, and do nothing but to find your peace.

° It is Sugarcoated by Social Media

Social media has become a place where day to day accomplishments are shared by people. There are instances where you check your Instagram account, and all that you see on ig stories are to-do list with a lot of check marks. You jump on Twitter, and all you see are tweet updates of people you follow about how good they’re doing with their target activities. And we can be sure that it added so much pressure to everyone to be productive everyday when we wake up. Making accomplishments is good, but it does take time too.

° People Only Show their Best Days

This is the sequel of the truth that ‘productivity is sugarcoated by social media‘.
A lot of us wants to radiate positivity all the time, and we want others to witness our best selves. Everyone doesn’t always wake up positively, some days can be odd and a little negative. When a person is being unproductive, there can only be a little chance that he or she will post it online. He or she, or we, are most likely to keep our unproductive days to ourselves. We tend to be quiet and not talk about it at all.

° Productivity can be Forced, but You Shouldn’t Do So.

Even if you’re feeling unmotivated, you can somehow put yourself on work. But I swear, you won’t get the best results. If something is worth your energy, do it. But if one doesn’t, you don’t have to keep pushing, especially when there’s no deadline.
That is why, productivity can be forced, but you shouldn’t do so.

° You Don’t Have to be Productive All the Time

This is the concluding advice of this post. Say it to yourself, ‘I don’t have to be productive all the time.’
You’re not in a competition, where you should be accomplishing more than anyone would expect from you.
If you’re not so well today, why don’t you try tomorrow?

Instead of being guilty, rather put your time on something fun, lighter to do, and useful:

° Read a book
° Go for a walk
° Exercise
° Watch informative films
° Pet your dog, or cat, or whatever that you have.
° Meditate
° Journal
° Listen to Music
° Eat your comfort food
° Edit Photos
° experiment with Make-Up

Do you also love being Productive? Do you feel pressured by social media in terms of productivity? Got some ideas what alternatives you can do next time you don’t have the motivation to work?

Drop your thoughts and let’s talk!

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What’s up With my Life this Quarantine?

Lately, I’ve been focused on feeding my blog with Informative posts and I’m not gonna lie, I missed writing about my life and me.

I’m happy because if I’m going to tell, I’m having the best time balancing both my online and offline life in these moments full of negativity going around. I love the fact that I’m getting a lot of time investing for myself and for my works.

I honestly exceeded half part of my WIP- the novel I can’t wait to Publish. Let me give y’all hint with the title – 2 words only.
But you can just follow this blog because that is owned by my main girl character.
I don’t know, but I’m getting a lot of motivation lately, especially from the songs I’m listening to. I create a lot of imageries.
I also got a new idea for a second novel I might write anytime. I swear, it’ll be a little different, and personal again.

About blogging, I’m happy that I was able to generate a lot of ideas into blog posts. They’re in store and all ready to be posted. I’m low-key rebranding my blog. I’m going to post more blog and marketing strategies, self-help posts aimed for personal development, + more.
I changed my ‘About‘ Page which I’m so Happy about.
But I’m making sure you’ll still get my poems and prose, even though my creative writing frequency isn’t the same as before.

About Instagram, I’m having a lot of content I can’t wait to release too.
I’m also bringing my advocacies through captions + grow my audience through instagram Strategies.

° You can read my Instagram Coaching Blog Posts Here:

How to Blog like a Pro Amidst of YouTube?

Important Things Instagram Beginners Must Know

I also got to be interviewed and featured on where I talked about blogging, the blogging community, Writing, and reaching people.
Read here: My Blogger Interview @ Simply Creative

However, I struggle to focus with my Spanish Course. It’s just hard to multitask. I can’t deny.

Want to Know The Albums I’m loving Right Now?

What are your Projects in the moment? Excited for my future Informative Blog posts? Who’s the musical artist/s your loving in the moment?

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Specific Tips to Boost Self-Confidence // Self-Love & Personal Development

You wake up early in the morning, and you look at yourself in the mirror. You think that you’re just a potato out of all these beautiful people around you.

You post photos on social media where you always hide yourself, as if your followers will start unfollowing you once they see you.

You copy tutorials on Youtube how to glow up, but then you think, it doesn’t work for you.

Confidence is indeed a difficult thing to have, and it’s not easy to be developed in this ever-growing abundance of media. I guess, everyone struggle with it, if not always, sometimes.

Are you also struggling to stay confident everyday?
If yes, this blog post is for you!

Here are the specific tips to help you be comfortable about yourself :

° Journal your insecurities, then as you fight that insecurity every day, eliminate a letter until it’s already all erased. Means, it’s not your insecurity anymore, but rather a flaw you learned to love and accept.

° Stop comparing yourself to others, and start owning your life.

° Be grateful for what you have

° Think about one of your characters people are most likely to notice and praise, then keep that character.

° Do some workouts, but be body-positive

° Eat healthy foods, and drink healthy drinks

° Expose yourself to people, socialize, and always be kind as possible

° Have advocacies

° Recognise your accomplishments

° always try to be positive, and smile, because a person who’s always smiling is hard to break

° Find your talents, then do not keep them for yourself

° Get out of your comfort self : try new outfits, new hairstyle

° Post pictures of yourself, then if someone comment something negative, unfollow or block that user, you do not need to be connected with negative people

° polish nails, if you want

There’s definitely nothing wrong about improving one self, for as long as you do not change it. Remember, that growth only comes when you’re brave enough to walk out of the things or practices you’re comfortable at.
In this world where people are most-likely to sugarcoat themselves, learn how to hug your true self instead, then be confident being it.

What do you think is the biggest contributor to your lost of confidence? What’s your self-appreciation mantra? Did you find this post helpful?

Comment down your thoughts and we’ll talk more about confidence!

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How to Make the Best Out of Your Day? || Productivity Tips Blog

Productivity is a challenge for almost all of us. Especially that we are surrounded by technology, so we often take our time for it rather than doing something useful and creative. Productivity is twin of the word “positivity”, when you’re making purpose out of your day, you get this good mood which enables you to be mentally stable.

Today, I’m gonna be sharing with you some productivity tips which I use and I deem are effective for me. ⤵

♡ Plan your day ahead.

Planning your day is the most efficient and fastest way to make the best out of your day. Planning doesn’t have to take long time, you can plan at night before you sleep. When you have everything listed and organised, and sequenced, you save a lot of time because planning doesn’t anymore require you to remember or decide what you have to do when you’re already working.

♡ use journal or note for listing the sequence of your activity.

When you list what you have to do during the day, you don’t get lose on track. A journal or a note application are your buddies if you’re the type of person who’s prone to forgetting.

♡ Make sure to eat meals.

You can’t just work if you’re starving. Right?

♡ Make sure to rehydrate and rehydrate yourself as you work.

Rehydrating is very important. As you work, you can be drained or exhausted. Water is your fuel, it will surely give you energy to keep moving.

♡ Do not waste Leisure.

Being productive doesn’t mean you’re too occupied at all. Sometimes you get this free time wherein you can just lie on your bed or sit in the couch. This leisure has the tendency to be wasted, so rather than facing your phone again, you can focus on doing something you enjoy (such as reading, writing, painting, watching informative news or shows) or better, use your leisure to improve or discover new set of skills. Make sure that what you do during this period is something that you love, because when you do what you love and is in your interest, you get this good mood. And that good mood is equated to resting.

♡ But also, take time to breathe.

Breathing, this is your total rest. For some minutes, you can take nap, or face your phone again. Probably, just upload something on instagram first, or tweet. Or something, but be careful not to take so much time for it.

♡ Reward yourself after everything.

Rewarding yourself after your accomplishments is very important, this has to be always there. This keeps you motivated when you work. After everything, eat your comfort food, listen to music, have a long bath, do some skin care routine. Rewards should be fun and positive.

I hope that this post will help whoever reads. But just a friendly reminder to everyone, you don’t have to be productive all the time. Sometimes you get this mood wherein you feel like not working but That’s okay. Being unproductive isn’t something to be guilty about.

Do you love being productive? What are your productivity strategies? Did you find this post helpful?

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