Launching Blaire Morris’s Blog

Before I start informing y’all about the Blog I’m launching, I want you all to first know who Blaire Morris is.

Blaire, also called Bly is not a real Human. She’s the main character (girl) in the novel I’m currently working on. She’s a blogger and a writer, a fangirl and a consistent girl in school. Honestly, I don’t wanna spoil so much about it until it’s out. I decided to make her website real for the story feels to be realistic as well.

Anyway, about her blog. I hope you follow it because I will be bringing content on there. Content which will also give you a sneak preview on the book. I am really really excited and I want you to be updated that I have couple of chapters now. I’m still improving the story line especially the parts of it which must be interesting. I really can’t wait to finish it though I’m just starting. I hope you’ll all stay with me. xo β™‘

Here’s the blog address πŸ”— :

I’m Starting a Novel

Recently, I finally decided that I’m starting my first novel. From the very beginning, it is readily in my head that I want it to be tragic, sad, but will leave something to anyone who might read it.

As of now, I don’t know when to start yet, or what are the things I’ll be doing before I start.

I am pretty sure that the main character here (the girl first), will be a fangirl so I can totally relate myself to her as the writer of the story.

I think, Novel is the best way for me to ably write down all my emotions and experiences. Through it, I can create a character out of myself. I want the story to be mine, I want to write it for myself and share it to the world.

I am creating a good story line, and I hope it will be relatable.

I can imagine how limitless the flow of the fiction will be. It will also include a diary, like how I’d love the novel to serve as my diary and reflect my life.

I am honestly so thrilled, because it’s the first time I am doing this. Starting with a blog, then I tried poetry, then prose, both of them. And now, I’m finally crafting a story about life, teenagers, fangirling, dreams, struggles, emotions and all that.

I am super excited. All I know, next after writing this entry, is I will buy numerous notes where I’ll be taking down everything.

Any recommendation(s) before I start the Novel? What type of story line are you most Interested into? You think my work will be great?

Drop down your thoughts, please πŸ’­ xo β™‘

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Summer Book Haul Β° Library Ideas | Hello April 2019

Before April came, I go to the city bookstore to avail new books since I was done reading All the Bright Places and Holding up The Universe which are both written by Jennifer Niven. I don’t want my summer to be boring and most of all, I don’t want to be just sitting around and doing nothing.

I was planning to buy Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (Trust me, I’m just obsess with this book and not to mention how many times I already talked about it here in my blog 😫😭). Not so fortunate, it was already out of stock and I just hate it, I wasn’t able to get a copy for my library. However, I got three bestselling books from three bestselling Authors and I just love my new discovery.

This post is to give y’all the preview of the books I availed. I am making a haul and I don’t want to make this introduction lengthy anymore. Why not to start? πŸ˜ƒ

πŸ“– The Sun is also a Star – Nicola Yoon

This is the new discovery I’m telling you all about. Nicola Yoon is my new discovery. I’m going to tell that I’m done reading this book she wrote. Maybe I took one week finishing it. It’s a good read too and I just love the chemistry of the characters. I also want to read other of her books titled β€œ Everything, Everything ” – a book which smells like tragic story – something I’ll love 😍.

I bought it for 383 Pesos so it can range up to $ 7 (if in dollars) but the original price is 479 pesos. It was only bought in cheaper price because I came at the bookstore and they are on-sale by chance.

The book is about two people of different beliefs. It’s about Science, love, fate, and universe. It’s about finding a person but being unable to be with him/her and again, being able to be with him/her by the help of destiny.

πŸ“– Turtles all the Way Down – John Green

The name John Green is not anymore new to the bookish people out there. He wrote bestselling books but what I want is β€œthe fault in our stars” which is not yet in my library since again, it’s not available on the city bookstore. Ha-ha?

Turtles all the way down is one of his masterpieces, and now I have it. I’m not yet opening the book since I only finished Sun is also a Star. TATWD is also a new york times bestseller so I’m quite excited what the flow of the story and the whole novel will be like.

I bought it for 359 pesos so again ranges to $ 7 but that’s not the original price, the real value is 449 pesos. I’m thankful to National Book Store, but I just hope they have more stock of books. πŸ˜” Please, I want The fault in our stars and Fangirl. 😭

πŸ“– Leah on the Offbeat – Becky Albertalli

Aside from Jennifer Niven, Becky Albertalli is also an interactive writer to her readers. Both of them liked my comment on their Instagram posts and I so appreciate them for the time they spend to visit the thoughts of their fans.

Becky Albertalli, from what I see on her books, she’s a supporter of the LGBT community. Leah on the offbeat is one of that books too, Leah is a bisexual in the story. LOTO is the next thing I’ll be reading, I’m curious about Becky’s Style of writing so we’ll see.

I bought it for only 183.50 pesos since it is 80% off, unlike TSIAAS and TATWD, they’re just 20% off because they’re new books. The original price of leah on the offbeat is 459 pesos. So yes, I’m a lucky bookworm to receive price-off from the bookstore. 😍

If you people can notice, my books are all paperback. Except for the fact that hardcovered books are quite expensive, not all the novels I want have hardcovered edition, so I’d rather buy the least expensive type. At least, they have the same content.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I also hope, I gave you ideas about the books you can buy for your library. I think, making hauls is fun and it’s something I’ll be doing again once I got new books for my lil’ room library. There honestly are a lot of Teen Fiction novels I still want to avail. I hope I can get copies of them as soon as possible.

Have you read The Sun is Also a Star? If yes, what are your thoughts about it? You also love Jennifer Niven’s Book? If yes, well, we can have nice things. Did you get any idea for your library? Or do you already have them on your library?

Drop all your comments and let’s talk about ’em on the section. πŸ˜‰πŸ’žπŸ“

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