How to Maintain Stable Mental Health in an Environment Full of Negativity

Well, currently there’s a lot of things happening in the World, and honestly, it’s not healthy for us all. Especially to those who struggle with their mental health.

Due to everything going on, it’s hard being positive, but there we are trying.
So today’s post, will give you tips how to maintain stable mental health in year 2020

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Tidy Room

-tidying room isn’t just making your resting place organize, it honestly can be a form of ritual. When you tidy your room- you arrange your bed, you arrange your things, you see that it’s clean, Your thought becomes clearer. You get this lighter feeling, and it really sinks to you that you have a well-organized life. It’s like you removed all the mess in your thought, as you did it with your room.

Get Sun

– Getting sun and connecting with Nature is the best way to release all the stress and tension that you carry. This process allows you to breathe, and see the light.


– Journaling helps you let go all the negativity in you. It helps you to stop bottling emotions, rants, circling thoughts, or any weight. When you write in a form like you’re talking to someone, you acknowledge yourself and you prevent yourself from keeping it alone.

Always Rehydrate Yourself

-Rehydrating yourself is a must. It gives you the energy + enables your brain to work.
The water needed by a person depends on his/her weight and level of activity. If you’re struggling to rehydrate yourself with the right amount of water, I recommend the application ‘Plant Nanny’, it’s a fun and exciting way to keep your drinking schedule on track.

Have break from social media/or maybe even from Television

– I’m gonna be candid, but Social media today is just full of both negative and sugarcoated things. Same way with Television, it brings awareness but all we hear are accidents, negative deeds, et cetera.
– taking break from both things, will bring you escape away from boosters of your anxiety or other mental struggle.

Turn your time into a creative process

– Paint, Write poems /prose, sew, photograph, whatever, just create.
– Doing something fun where you find enjoyment + comfort + peace, will surely bring you so much positivity. Recharge through your comfort activity.


-Meditating allows your head to focus, it recharges your thoughts. It allows your mind to escape through silence.
-i recommend the application called ‘Tide’ , it’s a great application for Meditation. It contains soundtracks which you can use to calm and focus.

Do some self care

– Self-Care is everything which arouses pleasure. Reading, watching your favorite film, skin care, warm bath, make up, coffee, eating, taking pictures of yourself.
– it is anything which can be considered a reward.

How’s your Mental Health at this Moment? Was this post helpful? Got new ideas how to maintain your Mental Health stability?

Comment your thoughts, so. We can chat!

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Appreciation & Realisation

June 18th was so Happy!
Because it was my day. But honestly, growing up I never saw birthday as something special. I’d just wake up, and my mom would greet me, singing happy birthday of course. And I just have this gratefulness within me. And it’s just a normal day.
I’m not a dramatic person I swear, but I’m the kind of person who tries to appreciate everything as much as I can.

I had this fear of growing up, of becoming older because I think I want to be an overachiever kind of person. That’s why I keep of working on everything that I can at the moment.
I was anxious because being 18 means getting a lot of responsibilities, it means going to college, it’s the phase of saying goodbye being a teenager.

I want to accomplish great things, but as of now, I’m just a typical person who can stay on his own room.
My family trained me to always pray whenever it’s my birthday. I never got the point of celebrating it because it only means growing older. But now I know, it’s a chance given by God. To live another year and fulfill your heart with so much happiness. To achieve things that you want. To be with the people you love. And accomplish an uncertain purpose.

And so I prayed, and I am truly grateful.
I think it’s time that I just leave it all to God. I said to him I’ll just do what I can, and work on things I think I need to work on. If I get great outcomes, then I’d be on my greatest feeling of gratitude. And if I won’t, I know that something extraordinary has to come.

So I guess, I’ll just stay. Whatever happens, I should be here. Staying with people who believe in me. Living through the Guidance of God. Fulfilling my heart, and chasing what life has to offer.

You can expect me to be the same person, staying on social media for good, posting on my blog, campaigning my advocacies.
And as long as you want me to be with you, I’ll stick around with you. I hope that you’ll do the same.

I’d also like to say thank you to everyone who made me special on my 18th.
Those who messaged me, posted on their instagram story, commented on my post as they greeted me.
To my loving family members, my blog frennies who gave me ease and relief about growing up and gave me the advice that I needed.

Thank you so much!
You guys are my rays of sunshine.

I got a lot of Realisations, and it was the most heartwarming day! I guarantee.

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18 and the Anxiety of growing up.

I’ll be 18 in just days !
* play Ribs by Lorde *

This is supposed to be a birthday wishlist blog post, but I just thought that I have a lot of things included in my list. So I’d just write something different.

You might be thinking that I just made this blog post today, but it’s not. I wrote it a little earlier, as soon as I got the idea. Ahaha.

When I was a kid, I was honestly not frightened about growing up, I wasn’t desperate to grow up either.
But now that I’m here, and time seems fleeting, I just realized that being grown-up means getting a lot of responsibilities. Especially, the responsibilities that you have to take for yourself.
I am kinda ambitious, and one of my greatest fears is to end up nothing in life.

Chasing life, I found new things that I loved and still love : art, writing, advocating. And even some things I can’t mention in here.

Last year, I just started writing my first novel, and it’s something that I always talk about. I’m still working on it, because I promised that I won’t give up on it.
But there’s this little fear inside me that I may not finish what I’ve started. Or what if no agent would believe and hold on to my ideas. What if publishing companies would not like the storyline?
There’s a lot of questions I can form in my head honestly.

Being 18, means starting college too. But the question is: do I yet know where school to go? No.
Am I already decided with the course I wanna take? No.
And this blog!
With that facts alone, you can already tell how anxious I possibly am.
How worried I am with my future.

I am the kind of person who’s working according to the plans. But if I’ll tell you, my plans aren’t made yet.

But on the bright side of life, I’m still looking for whatever thing it is that I can do for my life. At the end, I don’t know the path in front of me, so I just have to keep going.
Even if there are questions, worries, fears, demotivating moments. Whatever it is.

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Ocean and Holes

You are mystified.
When you doesn’t know
who to trust.
When you doesn’t know
what to feel.
You take your days for granted,
And doesn’t know
where to get
the truest happiness.
The voices in your head
always yell words,
So you believe them.
The thoughts inside
doesn’t know where to go out,
they became spirals
where you always fall.
Thousand of waves
are going through you,
Gushing till you’re almost drowning.
And they want you drowning,
But you want it more.
More than they do.

Featured image: © Hannah Blum

Launching The “Hustler Blogger Award” || Mechanics & Nominations

As I promised, I’ll be making my own blogger award because of my inactivity here in blogosphere, and right now, I’m making it happen. But if I would tell, I truly want to get the blogging vibes I’ve been getting before. And once I say blogging vibes, it’s the excitement of the beginning experience, something which I already lost. I want to bring life in the blogging space through this awarding, interact, and at the same time, motivate other hard working bloggers.
The reason why I called it “Hustler Blogger Award” is because I aim to give it to virtual space users out there who really keeps pushing not just for self-progress, but also to inspire other people through their website content.I’m super excited about this thing, and I’m trying to figure out how far this will reach. Any type of bloggers can be qualified for this award. Whether if it’s an informational blogger, writer, artist, entertainment blogger, fashion enthusiast and makeup reviewers, lifestyle blogger, et cetera. So if you’ll be nominated today, you can nominate anyone. I just need you to help me keep the chain flowing. 🙂

° ° ° ° °

So I think, I’m gonna drop down

the mechanics :

1. Make Sure to include this banner in your award post. You can make it the featured photo or you can just attach it along the blog post.

2. Be sure to give me ( pingback on your post, so I’ll be able to read ’emmm.

3. You can nominate numerous bloggers of your choice, but make sure it isn’t less than 5 people. ; and

4. Answer these questions :
° Why did you started a blog?

° What/who inspired you to do it?

° What motivates you to keep pushing and creating content and make your site alive?

° Who are your fave bloggers? And how do they urge you to grow as well?

° What lesson/s have you learned through your experience?

° Have blogging brought impact to you as a person? If yes, what are these?

° Not everyone are confident enough to start a blog. What advice can you give ’em?

° Give 3 facts about you as a blogger (strengths or flaws)

° Drop down your blog post which you are most proud of (together with the link so we can read it)

5. The person who’s being nominated, and who’s about to nominate can add one more question of his/her choice to his/her nominees. [your additional question here]

° ° ° ° °

You might as well ask why I added the ‘facts about yourself’ which can be strengths or flaws, the reason why I thought of that is because I want to point out something. Some of you may think, ‘oh they’re the best of the bests because they’re nominated for that award’. It’s not like that. I want everyone to know that nobody’s perfect in this game. The goal of this awarding is to inspire, not to make anyone envious about nothing.
Also there’s a link dropping along the awarding, because I truly want it to be a real spotlight for all of us. I want the posts which you are most proud of to be given love, and to be appreciated. You took effort for that, that post deserve recognition.
The fifth rule, is also a chance for the nominator to ask something extra to his/her nominees. I want everyone to have a chance to truly learn from others. Asking is knowledge, we all should know that.

So I think, it’s about time that we truly start this whole thing up:

* drumrolls * pls.

I nominate :

° ° ° ° °

Quite a lot, I know. Annddd, if you’re reading this right now, but wasn’t on the list, pls pls do this post as well because I nominate you for it. This is open for all of my readers. Bye, and I hope y’all will have fun.

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